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    I was thiing about getting back in business, My Story
    back in 1997 I Started Smallwood's lawn maintenance with a riding mower and worked my way up to a toro 44" walkbehind did it for two seasons and stayed small, about 30 customers however i didn't run it like a business, so you get out what you put in. i wasn't making enough money so i wanted to be a truck driver i went to truck driving school and got a job over the road,that lasted 3 months didn't like it soooo back to the lawn service untill in 1999 i landed a job Equipment tach, started out at $18.00 per hour, and i still work here till this day now at about 60 K a year however i still have the ug wanna see my little kids grow up I only get 2 days off a month If i'm lucky..I tryed to start back again in 2007 with a partner i was out of state all the time i put all the money in Did all the leg work all he had to do was go to work it started out great i bought a new exmark laser with bagger new trimmers ,blowers new trailer a 1999 ford f450 superduty diesel new saws uniforms website ( no longer up adds in phone book news papers Etc. had his wife do all the book keeping,banking etc heres where the trouble starts thay never made one equipment payment just took all the money 10K gross a month bounced checks at the bank and then he said he didn't wanna cut grass anymore HELLO we are a lawn service!! not house painters. so i had to close the new business after only 3 months and sell everything off at a huge loss 20K.. so here i stand 2 years later ready to give it another try i would like to do it like this--i own 50K on the house i need 50k to start up and pay bills for one year while i get off the ground what do you think?
    100K saved over 5 years BEANS AND RICE BABY!!!!
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    Beans and Rice for sure Bud but you will debt free, and starting your new life and freedom again. Hopefully for good this time. Great Story

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