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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Omran&Turbo, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Hello, and happy new year for all of you guys, first I would like to thank all of the lawnsite members, because I foung a great deal of help and knowldgeable folks here.
    Seconed here is my thing, I have been in Finish grade/Land scape business since 2004 and I did and still do alot of landscape business like mulching, trimming shrubs, designing and installing new landscapes, but lately especially last season work was really slow, so I am thinking of starting Mowing business to go along with my other services since I have all other small tools and some customers who are willing to let me mow thier yards.
    What do you guys think, shall I start with a new 36" walk behind, or with a ziro turn 60" mower, I have a kabuta 72' (b7200) diesel belly mower, but I want to get some advise before I go and buy a new mower, I don't have the cash to get a good used mower and that's why I am thinking of buying a new one, then I can finance it.
    What is the best brand you guys recomend?
    Please feel free to say the true story for me, and really thank you all.

  2. Omran&Turbo

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    pump it once.
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    how big are your lawns? for your first year i wouldn't buy new, slightly used well work. as far as brands go look and see what everyone else is using. in my area its hustlers and exmark............. i have neither, :laugh::laugh:!
    Id recemmend these, kubota, scag, great dane surfer, wright, then the two stated above! good luck!
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    Im not sure if now is a good time to start a lawn care service. There are so many people trying to find extra income and I believe all of them are trying mowing. In my area I never seen mowing rates as low as they are right now.

    If you are going to get started this is what I found but it is just my opinion and nothing more.

    Exmark and bobcats are extremely good mowers but slow. The new generation exmark however has some good speed. On both of these mowers you will find the maintenance is a little time consuming. If you don’t mind the speed, I found these 2 brand of mowers to have the best cuts and best on hills.

    Almost every exmark has different mowing blades. Take a look at there parts list. This means if you have several different exmarks than you need to keep several different types of spare blades in your truck.

    Scag is over rated and personally I think there ugly looking. I do however like the scag wb. Good thing about these mowers are parts are easy to find. It seems like everywhere in the country you can find a scag dealer.

    Great Dane, although we have some, has some major design flaws. The fans on the hydro pumps hang real low and have a plate that covers them. Because of where they are located it is easy to get objects lodged in the fan area that will eventually tear out the seals. With the plate covering the fans it is extremely time consuming to clean. We had to replace 2 hydro pumps last year because of fishing string that got sucked up.

    Also on the Great Dane mowing deck, there is a flat piece of steel in the front of the deck. This plate I believe is to help with striping however it hurts on the cut. If you mow any faster then about 8 mph you will find this mower does not cut very well on flimsy tall weeds such as plantain or onions. The great dane also has a small 8 gallon fuel tank. The 27 horse motor eats the gas and if you are on a large job you have to stop about every 5 hours to refill.

    Personal I do not like cub cadet however our last mower we bought was the commercial TANK by cub cadet. We all fell in love with this thing. The hydro pumps sit on top and extremely easy to clean. Oil changes are a breeze. The cut is fantastic. Maintenace is easy and fast. It has an extremely wide tire base with extra wide tires so it is excellent on hills, complete foot controlled deck, and a mowing speed of 14mph (yes, this thing cuts great at 14 mph).

    I strongly recommend looking into the TANK. A lot of companies might not like them but with out a doubt these are the mowers I plan on using for a long time. Before you buy a mower make sure not to over look cub cadet commercial mower. Here is the link to the tank
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    Buy whatever your dealer has. If you have no dealer near by for parts and repair- its useless. And don't buy from home depot or lowes. They don't carry parts either.
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    We run all 60 inch ztr and 36 inch wb. The 60 inch ztr are not too big for residential and not to small for commercial. They are nearly the perfect size mower and the most common so almost any shop you go to will have basic parts in stock. if you decided mowing isnt for you the 60 inch will also be the easiest to sell.....of course you have to take into thought the cost to buy one
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    Thank you very much for all your help I really appreciate it.

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