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Need your opinion Before I purchase Two machine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MadLawn, Jan 26, 2002.


WHich is best U turn machine for large yard

  1. eXmark™

    31 vote(s)
  2. Gravely ™

    13 vote(s)
  3. Scag™

    13 vote(s)
  1. Gary LA

    Gary LA LawnSite Member
    from B.S.Mo.
    Messages: 40

    The kaw you show is only 535 disp.
    My kaw is a Fc540v-AS13 larger displacement.
    I own the 17hp twin kaw.its bigger than it also.

    My 40+ lawns are more than enough for me.
  2. Who's afraid to walk? I buy velke's and ZTR's for the INCREASE in productivity. More grass cut in a day, more money to deposit in the bank.

    You drive around all day and watch or mow which is it?

    Push snow, where not around the midwest?

    You can't arguee some thing you did not specify. Just like it got no where like it has.

    Those 40 lawns must take you a long long time to do every week at 11mph.

    I do one place that has over 30 one acre lawns in 6 hours or less on a bad day with 2 mowers.
    My engines run just fine with several thousand hours on them with very little maintenance money spent on them. Keep them clean, oil, oil filters, air filters maby once a year, and a coil in one covered by warrenty.

    I thought you said you sell them for $400 not bury them in the back 40. If you wouldn't keep buying those single cylinder out of production 17hp engines, maby you wouldn't have to do that any more.

    We are not picking a fight with you, just trying to see what this is about. If it doen't make sence we ask questions.
  3. Gary LA

    Gary LA LawnSite Member
    from B.S.Mo.
    Messages: 40

    Yes I have used a great dane for about a day
    It wasnt what I would buy not monueverable enough in my opinion.

    Ex-mark is just like a half a dozen other mowers on the market except maybe a thinner guage steel deck.
  4. Aaron Klemme

    Aaron Klemme LawnSite Member
    Messages: 24

    I run a few scag's. I'm not impressesed with the finish cut of a stock one. You tweek the motor a bit....walah. It still is not the top cut but alot better. But back to the point, I will put any of my scags side to side with ANY mower out there and I gaurantee that it will kick ass and cut grass longer than the rest. They are just built like a brick s___ house.
  5. Gary LA

    Gary LA LawnSite Member
    from B.S.Mo.
    Messages: 40

    1st I said bury then I said getting rid of for small price because your so literal. I didnt realize you were such a serious guy.

    And yes my 40 lawns do keep me very busy I don't employ but a couple other guys no need to be so big in my opinion.
    You ever heard of the K.I.S.S. method?
  6. Who said that?

    I did not see that posted anywhere.
    Sure I have, that's why I'm laughing at you.

    Give me that wasted money, not Kaw.

    5 mowers
    4 weedeaters
    4 leaf blowers
    3 plow trucks
    2 work trucks

    Does that mean maby 5 guys?

    I never realy said which brand or what did better, nor did I slander any mower, just that what you posted was way out in left field, or in your case the back 40.

    Give us some cold hard facts, like I and others have posted.

    OK I guess it's time for the Lawn Site cuttin' rodeo.
  7. Gary LA

    Gary LA LawnSite Member
    from B.S.Mo.
    Messages: 40

    I could not figure out how to show pics so I emailed the admin and they said no pics because of brand names and no compete or something like that.

    fact is I agree with the scag owner about tweeking I said 1/8th and I ment it (repeat to Lawngodfather)
    Cold hard facts are that it works and I do to mow at 9mph anywhere and everywhere possible.
    you can even modify your jet in the carb w a little drill bit if you feel like it.

    I never said I was mowing at 11mph , I said you can make it go that fast.
    now who is jumping to assumptions and conclusions.
  8. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,360

    If you only have 40 lawns, why in the heck do you need 2 other workers? That is 3 people for 40 lawns. I guess if all your looking for is beer and cigarette money you probably have that covered. 40 properties with 3 people, you should be back home in plenty of time to do maintenance on you machines.
  9. Gary LA

    Gary LA LawnSite Member
    from B.S.Mo.
    Messages: 40

    You did say that the ferris had a top speed of only 7mph.
    And that the brochure said 7mph.
    The brochure I have says 9mph
    You went on to say you had to tweek the ferris to make it go 7

    Might not be slander but in a round about way your being insulting to me and my brand of choice,thaats how I see it!
    I have alot of friends around here that mow grass and all of them are impressed with the top speed and manueverability. of this machine.
  10. I tweak all my mowers to the highest recommened RPM's by the MFG's. But I did most my comairing when they were all still new before I made any adjustments. Still don't belive you can get 3 mph more out of one.

    Last I recall Ferris was a sponsors, even says so on the sponsor page.

    BTW a FC540V is still a single cylinder 17horse. No one not even the MFG I contacted ever heard of the one you posted

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