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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by over40, Jan 22, 2006.

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    I'm wanting to get away from synthetic and go organic. But before I offering this to customers I thought I would "experiment" with my yard ofr a year or so.
    Poultry farming is very big in our area. Chicken litter is plentiful to say the least. I can buy 8 tons chicken litter, delivered and spread for $60 a load. The company assures me that all chicken feed used in the operation has been processed/cooked and will not sprout weeds. The litter is taken from chicken houses where the litter is 10 months to 1 day old. So I would consider this to be 100% composted.
    My question is would you try this on your own yard or not and why. Thanks for your comeents and help.
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    Looks like you are trying to make your company a bit more sustainable and not as reliant on the petrochemical companies. Sounds like a great idea. Spreading chicken litter will probably work, but you'll need to do some trials to get it foolproof. I also use chicken manure based fertilizers on my own place too, but it is composted, no odor, and has a registered fertilizer analysis that makes it possible to calculate rates easier. Have some of it analyzed for consistency and nitrogen content, and then go ahead. I am not sure about the legalities surrounding it if sold unlabeled, maybe if you marketed it as a soil amendment and the customers liked the results, you will have made your money without breaking any laws; and they'll get their green lawn. I am aware there may be red tape if you are commercially marketing farm manure as a fertilizer without an analysis attached. Make use of loopholes, and don't call it fertilizer. Good luck.

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