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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by dathorpe, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I have heard very little bad about the Kaw 29DFI. About the only OEM that uses it is Scag on the TT. And they have been using it for probably 10 years. Not sure why you are hearing so much negative about it.

    Honestly any of them are going to be good. The 35 Briggs Vanguard is a monster. If you want power go there.

    Also, FYI Kohler EFI parts aint cheap either. I have never priced much for the Kawasaki DFI but I know the Kohler stuff isnt very thrifty...
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    Yep, I've since changed my opinion on the Kaw 29 DFI after hearing from many different people. One guy has two Turf Tigers with the DFI Kaws with 2800 & 3600 hrs. He said they have been excellent engines for him. However, those Kaws are 1400.00 more than the Briggs 35 and 1600.00 more than the Kohler EFI. That's some very hard numbers to overcome. Hence, I'm leaning towards the combo of 1 Briggs 35, 2 Kohler 29 EFI. I ran a demo on the Briggs 35 last week and loved it. It plowed through 10" field fescue effortlessly. They've set up a new Kohler EFI for me to demo next week. I'm anxious to see what it can do. If it fails me, I may have to consider the Kaw DFI but I'm still a bit leary of having to deal with liquid cooled.

    Also, the Ferris dealer wants me to take a spin on the 3100z and I am somewhat interested. Problem is they're about a grand more per machine than the Turf Tiger and, right or wrong, I still see the Ferris as kind of a gimmick. I don't mean to give offense to the Ferris guys... Everyone likes what they like.

    BTW, Pugs, do you own pugs? ...they're the best.
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    i dunno but they all suck!

    ...gas that is.
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    The Kohler 29 efi will burn about 40% less fuel than the 35 Vanguard, but the Vanguard will cut through big heavy grass that would stall the 29. You need a use for both, and it seems as though you have one. Vanguard is working very hard trying to implement fuel injection onto their BB engines, but they are making sure it is foolproof before releasing it to the end user.
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    fuel is injected into the throttle bore.Handhelds System.pdf

    They will have EFI or something close to it soon on handhelds . :drinkup:

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