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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mgeez, Jul 7, 2010.

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    OK here goes, 1st post here on this site. My personnal 15 x 35 patio in progress was supposed to be stamped concrete until late last nite, when I fired the stamping contractor! Now I changed gears to install pavers, which I have installed maybe 5 - 6 patios in the last 20 years. I always used screenings for the bed and the sweep in-between. After reading numerous posts on this site for the last 2 months, I am willing to try the concrete sand method of paver bedding. I have an extremely compacted 5" - 7" base of 1/2 - 5/8 stone and not a straight edge anywhere. I am not too OK with the process of just laying the pavers on the sand and compacting them later, because, I have an extreme amount of cutting to do. I have to cut around 2 sets steps, a 48" dia firepit, a 6" "sailor" border around the perimiter and like I said, not a straight edge anywhere. This patio was designed 100% for a concrete pour, had I designed it for pavers, things would be different. Question is, what are the negatives, deadblowing each individual paver into the bedding as I go? The pavers arrive Friday morning and I would really appreciate some opinions.
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    Deadblowing each paver on a 500sqft plus patio? Go ahead if you don't like yourself. Set all the pavers you can and cut the edges in and than compact with a plate. What is your time frame for being able to cut ALL the pavers in? You'll have to cover your work and go through some headaches here and there.
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    I was planning on deadblowing enough to lightly walk on if need be. Weather permitting, Once I start, I do not plan to stop until finished, if the radial arm saw does not stop. I will do a final set with the compactor. I deadblow'd 8,00 pavers when I was 25, but at 55, it might be a whole different ballgame. Do you see any negatives other than physical if i deadblow them in?
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    I don't see a reason to dead blow each paver individually...the pavers should be locked in the pattern well enough to not shift too badly throughout your process. I'd save yourself the headache and just lay in the pavers, make your cuts and compact with a nice gas tamper. I don't see a problem, we do it this way all the time, with just as many cuts. Just my opinion, save your back and your arm! :waving:
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    I agree. I used to deadblow each paver in when if first started because that's how I was taught. Now I use my stone base with 1" of concrete sand and just start dropping the pavers in place. Its so much easier and less time consuming and I found that I end up with a better finished product.
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    You should really rent a small plate and a 14" wet saw. You will create a lot of dust dry cutting and it will severely shorten the life of your ras. It should be less than $200 for both rentals.
  7. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    You can buy a small plate compactor from Harbor freight for $299 that will work great for light duty/small jobs.

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