Need Zero turn advice for 4 ac.!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JV6565, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. JV6565

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    Hello all, new to the forum here. Been lurking for a couple weeks while researching mowers. Finally decided to make a post. I apologize in advance as this maybe lengthy!

    In the next month or so we are going to be closing on a remodeled home sitting on 5 ac. I estimate the total mowing will be around 4 ac. As there is some woods, a pond and pole barn. Yard is mostly flat and dry.

    Budget wise: ideally I would like to be in the $4,000-$5000 price range.

    Based on my budget I understand I will probably be in the 48" to 52" deck which I am more than okay with as I enjoy mowing and being outside.

    Here are a couple mowers I've been researching online:
    -bobcats crz and xrz (dealer 1hr away)
    -scag libert z (dealer 1hr away)
    -Ariens apex /gravely hd (dealer 30min away)

    -there are Farris is snapper pro dealers 20-30 min away but haven't visited them yet.

    I made a trip to a local lawn equipment dealer the other day that advertised having a large selection of different brands. Zero turn wise all he had was a large selection of exmarks. Had close out deal on a pioneer e series of 5300 or pioneer s series for 6000.

    Really just looking for recommendations on a good quality mower in my budget that will last many years.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Tunedis95

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    Either of the Bob Cats or Scag would be a great choice. Might be worth looking into something with a suspension seat vs just dampeners on those models you specified. You'll be wishing you had a suspension seat in general, especially if you have straightaways. Bob Cat has a triple the warranty compared to Scag. You also mentioned the Exmarks on sale, and the ones you have mentioned are very nice too, and have suspension seats. I think its up to personal preference, take them for a spin, see what's comfortable, any of those should last you years so long as the the appropriate preventative maintenance. Just realized I didn't help much, its sounds like you have a good idea of what you're looking for and 52" is a good size for what you're working with.

    You don't have to break the bank, but use the zero percent financing to your advantage and get something you're not going to grow out of. My father has gone through several riding mowers, and is currently on his 2nd zero turn which is a Bob Cat. He said his next mower is a Scag after riding mine and cutting 2 properties totaling 10 acres. Not only did he like the cut more, but he really enjoyed the mow sitting in a comfy seat.
  3. Dandan111

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    I'd buy local. Exmark would be nice but I'm not sure about price.
  4. SlingShot92

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    If you are just using it for homeowner use and not commercially why not get a bad boy. For 4-5k I assume you are looking at a used commercial unit. You could get a new one for that price and it should do just fine if that's all you mow.

    I have never used one but just basing that on things I've read.
  5. JP in KC

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    If I had that much to mow, I'd be looking at a 60" deck.
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  6. JV6565

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    I appreciate your input. Really didn't think it would be this hard, but I guess I should have known better haha. Being someone that over thinks every large purchase!

    I liked the guy/owner at the exmark dealer. I just feel for my price range and the cost of his "close out" mowers that I could get more mower for the money or a similar mower for less.

    His pioneer series are the closeouts due to that line being replaced by the radius series.

    His pioneer e series was around 5k.. a bit over priced for 2800 hydros if I'm not mistaken?
    And the s series was 6k

    Would be 100% used on my lawn only. Never really looked into them that much till now. Figured they more of a big box store style mower. Although the at elite doesn't look bad spec wise for the money.

    Can't say I blame you there. Figured 52" and under would keep things closer to my budget.

    Most of the dealers listed below are within 30min-45min away:
    -badboy (tsc 10 min away)
    -toro/exmark (10min away)

    Scag, bobcat and spartan dealers are a little over an hr away

    Lastly, am I out of line thinking I can get a good cutting, reliable mower with 3100+ hydros and a good engine for under 5k!?
  7. GoPappy

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    If that 4 acres is bumpy/rough, I'd look at a Ferris IS700, which I think you could fit within the upper end of your budget. The suspension will make your mowing time much more enjoyable.

    If the IS700 is outside your budget, look at the IS600, which is a little cheaper.
  8. JV6565

    JV6565 LawnSite Member
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    Hoping to go to a ferris dealer this week. I think the is600 would be more in my price range.

    I've also been looking into the Kubota z100 series. And opinions on these?
  9. ztman

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    I would stay away from the big box ZTs and go with the local dealers, even if you have to bump your budget a little. I watch my neighbors drag their big box ZTs to the shop atleast twice of year because things break, and that is mowing 1.5 acres.
    Plus you mentioned you had a pond. Those big box ZTs are not as stable as the commercial mowers, and tend to slide. Don't want to end up in a pond.
    I bought a Scag about four years ago to cut 8 acres. Downsized now to my current 1.5 acres, but kept the Scag. Makes life easy with a commercial mower.
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  10. ltdlawn

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