Needing Advice On Buying a Power Rake

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by neblawncare23, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Every so often these threads pop up and it stirs up a bit of controversy. Differences and necessity of Power raking vs. Dethatching vs. those passive JRCO spring tine things.

    Yes any cool season grass can benefit from a light Spring tine light “Lawn Combing” to gently loosen up the debris and.....this is the only time I endorse it for cool season turf a lowish mowing down to 2” possibly below that to clear out debris and stimulate the the roots a bit to encourage green up.

    People want it instant, they want it quick and the “I want my lawn power raked” yesterday or I will CALL someone else. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given estimates for these and I’m told XYZ Co. will do it for $35 or $60 and my quote is $120 – $240+ Complete time waster PITA people. :mad:

    These folks see dormant grass and they MUST HAVE IT SCRATCHED OUT like some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. IMO many.... okay most LCO’s who are out there basically just run power equipment over lawns and do them - just because we have always done them and this is what we do and we make $ off of it.

    A few years back I did an aggressive turf scrub with the spring tine bar for a repeat client. Neighbor had some weekend warrior do his for cheap and it was done with flail blades and the guys lawn had full on flail blade grooves scars that took some time to go away. It looked horrid.

    Many of us know the facts, Yeah aeration is much more beneficial for the lawn but the customers seem to want turf grinding because that dormant brown turf MUST be dealt with NOW! THEY are sold on turf scrubbing and they don’t want aeration. One of my loyal clients thinks aeration doesn’t do anything despite all my pep talks, insists on watering daily in the afternoon. With a past application Co. he groused about the liquid fert getting washed away during the rainy season. You can’t fix stupid. You can educate some folks but other just can’t be reached.

    For years I’ve been trying to tell clients my Plugr 850 pulls substantially more plugs than those other rolling tine machines and the facts are more plugs is REALLY better for the lawn. 20 seconds later they say why would I want that....? Then they say but the other Co. will aerate for less. $29.95 special. Customer education is slow. People want power raking. :hammerhead:

    I’m doing business different this year. I’m the lawn personal trainer and I’m the one with the Gucci trailer grass graphics and I DO actually have a clue what is long term good for the lawn. Sign up for my season long program and your lawn will be cared for as if it was my own. You are either on board or I will DROP YOU as a client. If I repeatedly catch you watering every day in the afternoon and you refuse to do heavier deep less frequent’re done. You insist on your lawn being scalp mowed beyond a low Spring’re done. My lawns that I’m in full control off are the healthiest, best looking manicured double cut, properly edged accounts around.

    Why would a personal trainer at a gym want a morbidly obese client who wants help for 10 minutes out of the day but refuses to make ANY real lifestyle changes...? Total waste of effort.

    The facts are personal trainers prefer reasonably fit 30’s through mid 40’s female clients who are motivated to stick with it. The other types of clients lack discipline and motivation.
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    I decided to purchase a new Classen TR-20 power rake. The reason I choose it is because they are made locally in Nebraska, and they can be converted to an over seeder with ease.

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