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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rbljack, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Liberty Bank is 100% free...hire a CPA/bookkeeper. My bookkeeper takes care of everything...Makes my life much easier.
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    We set up our account as a personal one. We asked the bank manager that set up the account about whether we needed to do a commercial account. He said if we were going to employee anyone and would be doing pay roll from the bank we would need to. But since we are like you (small, solo) so it was not necessary. We do our house hold banking through our credit union so we keep it all separate and write a check to it once a month to it from our Biz. account at the other bank. I think if I was to try going big. It would be necessary to go commercial at that point. I think there would be a lot of benefits commercial banking would bring.

    My wife is great with accounting and uses Qiuckbooks also. Works great.

    We registered our Biz. with the sate. It gives the customers a way to check on our status.
    We just use my ss# as our ID. for our taxes, and we pay $750.00 a year for $2 mill general liability and $5 grand theft protection.
    But my truck is separate commercial for a year is $800.00. (My truck is just an old 85 F-150 so it is just liability/plowing included).

    I don't see us changing much so these cost should only adjust with inflation.
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