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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass-scapes, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Ok, I have a client on a street that has lots and lots of trees. I use the walker and get up leaves every week after blowing out the beds and other places. The problem lies in a neighbor who blows all of the leaves from his yard into my clients yard. Its obvious because of the piles and their location and he even admitted it and said he would continue. He says the tree is on my clients property, therefore they are my problem. This is a first for me. I blew them back that day....our conversation started when they confronted me about those leaves. I had gotten tired of picking up their leaves.
    Anyway, There was a HUGE amount of leaves today, and the neighbors yard was spotless. Needless to say, I blew what I determined to be their leaves back into their yard. I cleaned up my clients yard. 20 minutes after leaving, I get a call from my client saying the neighbor had blown leaves back over.
    I loaded up the truck and drove back, blew the leaves back and "knocked" on the door. No answer. Drove around the corner and waited. Saw the man come out and I pulled back up. He headed for his door but the dummy had locked himself out. I told him in no uncertain terms that if he continued to blow leaves into my clients yard for me to clean up, I would spend every waking hour collecting leaves and dumping them in his yard. I told him again do not blow leaves into my clients yard and he said what am I gonna do about it. If the man wasn't 80,, I would have lit into him.
    Any suggestions? This really pisses me off, but I don't want to do anything to cause ME any problems down the road. BTW, client knows what I am doing, cause I told her.
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    Are the leaves coming from your clients yard and does the neighbor have any trees? I know here that what falls on your property becomes yours, even pecans which have caused a lot of arguments! If the leaves were coming from your clients yard then I could understand the old farts aggravation but it still does not make what he is doing right. Hate to have your client and neighbor not getting along. I have a lot of yards that my clients have few or no trees and their neighbors have a load of them and every week I have to clean up what has blown or fell in my clients yard. I don't like it but I do it. However, never had someone to intentally blow the leaves back on my clients yard yet.
  3. Turfdude

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    Run these 3 options by your client & see what they decide:
    Option 1. COllect all leaves on your clients property & charge your client accordingly.
    Option 2. Have your client contact the neighbor & work something out.
    Option 3. If client chooses option2 & gets nowhere w/ neighbor, side discharge the appropriate amount of leaves on said neighbors' property but only if okay w/client. This isn't a professional approach, but it may work.

    As a side note, you could always get a small amount of silt fence & run it along the property line. It would look like hell, but should eliminate the problem.
  4. Nosmo

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    Tell your client that the old man next door is vandalizing the job after you leave. You are leaving his yard in an orderly manner and it is being vandalized after you leave.

    If somebody dumped a load of trash in your client's yard after you left would you feel obligated to come back and clean it up. How about the client would he feel you should come back and clean this up ?

    Looks like to me this is a matter between the two neighbors and the cops. I'd venture to say the cops are gonna tell the client to get a restraining order .

  5. DLS1

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    Your going about this wrong. :D

    This is your customers problem not yours. You did your job and left. Tell the customer he will need to work it out with his neighbor since you did your job.
  6. kleankutslawn

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    must agree with dls1
  7. grass-scapes

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    The issue is more of me cleaning up his neighbors leaves. IF the neigbor blows his leaves into my clients yard, then I am cleaning up two yards worth of leaves. The tree is on my clients property, but only 4 feet from property line. The entire street is filled with trees and all the yards are full of leaves, but the neighbor of my client feels that since these particular leaves came from my clients tree, he gets to blow them into my clients yard. Charging my client is not an option, as we have a contract with a set price based on HER leaves. Anyway, I know its not my problem to some extent but the new grass from fall overseeding is coming up. the leaves piled on it all week are turning it yellow. Its a matter of principle and it pisses me off.
  8. sheshovel

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    Well wait one minute..How would you like to be an 80 year old man that has to clean-up or pay somebody to clean-up leaves that are not yours?Leaves that you had no part in growing?Leaves that you would rather not have to deal with at all.
    Belive it or not some people would rather not have trees at all than to have to clean up the mess.
    So I can see the old mans anger and frustration.
    Unfortunately I looked in the state of N.C.'s torts ands laws and could find none covering trees on private property.So the old man has no leg to stand on.This is a problem for your customers to deal with.
    Do Not blow the leaves back on to his property.
    You could be in trouble for the one tort of interfering with his enjoyment of his property.Otherwize he could take you to court and you could be fined for blowing the leaves back.
    SO..inform your customers that they can pay you the xtra time it takes you to clean all the leaves from both properties.Or work something out with the neighbor because you are doing what you are supposed to be doing..but he's making your work look bad by blowing the leaves over after you are done and gone.AND you are not going to continue to clean them up for free.
  9. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Im also going to have to agree with DLS1, its between your client and neighbor even though it pizzes you off (and would me too) and creates more work for you. I dont think there will be an easy answer to make everyone happy on this one, but some of the old wise ones may give you the perfect solution to the problem.:D
  10. jt5019

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    A lot of people here put up fencing between the neighbors just during the fall.Ive seen people use silt fencing, the orange construction type and just regular short metal fencing.It actually works very well and once the leaves are all cleaned up the fences come down.

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