Neighbor calls for a new lco, while owner is in hospital

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AlleganyLawnCare, Jun 21, 2006.

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    One of my clients owns a double. She is like 80 years old. Been mowing her grass for both sides of the double all year long. Even while the neighbor is home and watching. Will one day I go over to mow it, and I see that is was just mowed. Puzzled I was, so I go to the owners door. The neighbor is on her door step (the other side of the double), telling me she went to the hospital, and will be there for a while. I asked about the yard. And the neighbor stated she called a lco to come due the yard (I was just there last week), because she wanted it shorter, and did not want the grass to grow to long (I cut it every week). She said she would have called me, but did not know my name or number. The owner never gave it to her, even though it is plastered on the side of my trucks. So, I went to give her a business card, and pen with my name and number. I also, told her I would be back next week to cut the grass. She said okay. I also told her to call me if she wanted me to come sooner. Will I decided not to charge for day, figired honest mistake from the neighbor.

    Well, this week, I go do the lawn, and see that it was cut again!. The owner is still in the hospital (I assuming, from her not being home, and her diagnosis wasn't too good). The neighbor wasn't home so I couldn't confront her. I was mad!.

    Now, my question is this - would you bill for the second visit? I did. Felt it wasn't my fault, and I was the lco retained to take care of the grass for the year. And that the niehgbor (the renter) and no right to call in another lco. She should have told the other lco, that the original lco is still taking care ofg the property and that their services (not mine) are no longer needed after that one time cut.

    What do you think? Am I wrong or right to bill the owner (even though I didnot actually cut the grass - since it was just cut)?
  2. Brendan Smith

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    one word......

  3. ALL Around Xteriors

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    I would bill her . You already talked to her and she seemed to understand. If she still has a problem then tell her to work it out with the owner or the family. You were hired to cut the grass, she should have at least told you that she didnt want your services.
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    this happened to me also. i mowed this ladys yard for 10+ years and she went into the hospital and her kids fired me and got some one else!
  5. One of Three

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    I would bill...even if only to get confirmation that you will still be doing the yard in the future. Last thing you want is for this to happen every week.
  6. Splicer

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    Your situation is has that right...a tennent does not...This woman in the other 1/2 of the duplex has no legal authority whatsoever UNLESS she has been appointed a power of attorney for the 80 yearold (unlikely but possible)...

    If as you say you were hired for the year then surely you have this in writing...My own agreements state there is no obligation for either party to continue if something were to arise...
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    Personally I would tell the tenant that you were hired to do maintain the property by the owner. That you will continue to do so and cut her side when you show up. Until you get some notice from the owner or the family.

    You say she wants it cut shorter? Well, tell her this time of year is not to good to be cutting yards short due to stress on the lawn, and the lack of rain. Just my .02.
  8. MMLawn

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    It all depends on how your Contract that she signed spells it out on missed DO have a signed contract, correct? Cause if you don't you can't legally charge her for a service you didn't do.
  9. Frontier-Lawn

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    i cut 3 rentals in a row all owed by the same guy. one renter did that to me twice i told him the owner has me take care of the rental propertys, & he said so. I talk to the owner and he cut off the cable & the water( transfered it out of his name so they had to pay for it. for the renter that was included in the rent, and told if they did it one more time they were out. (has had other probs with the renters) he was telling me that he has increased the rent 4 times since last 2 years on them for problems they have made, and hes not renewing them in august.
  10. topsites

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    I done got tired of this pita crap of the grass being cut when I get there. They're on MY schedule, and it's either I take care of your yard 100% or I don't, you or someone else touches the grass with another mower, and it is theirs now. And so as not to argue endlessly over this in a court of law, you might've done exactly what I do upon arrival to ANY yard that was cut before I got there.

    Almost anytime I arrive at a yard and it is freshly cut, unless it is a profitable yard where everything has gone extremely well, I simply cross it off my schedule. Because for whatever reason, I have been replaced.

    Fact is fact, I don't care why or how and this and that and the other. Sometimes I do what you did which is to go ask what the deal is, but as soon as I'd have heard that crap about it being cut shorter and what she said, I would've hightailed it out of there because she just wanted cheaper service, so let the other Lco deal with it now that it's nice and toasty outside.

    Oh and by the way, if anyone who 'took over' the care of their yard via whatever reason later calls me back so I can 'come out and cut my grass now,' guess what? Yup, the fee just went up by 5 dollars.

    Sorry about the elderly lady.

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