Neighbor cuts MY yard!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tharrell, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Tharrell

    Tharrell LawnSite Silver Member
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    I have a new next door neighbor that seems to be a little anal retentive.
    He moved in and right away scalped his yard with his TSC rider. I mow at 3" and when he did that my yard looked like it needed to be cut again! Then yesterday, he started cutting my back yard. I thought I heard him mowing and looked out the window. I thought about going to see what was going on but then thought, if he wants to cut my big ass yard for free why should I care? I don't care, it takes me 2 hours with my Bob-Cat. He didn't scalp my yard but, he did cut it very short.
    I cut the front when needed usually every week. The back yard is every week to ten days.
    These are rental houses and I've been here 2 years. That place next door has had 3 renters in there since I've been here and before these people moved in, it was vacant for about 5 months. They moved in, scalped the yard and put all their lawn ornaments in and put mulch everywhere (without borders of course). Yeah, you guessed it-they came from a doublewide.
    I have 2 magnolia trees in the front yard and the damn leaves never seem to stop falling along with those gigantic seed pods. I just close the discharge chute and mulch them up. I blow some into the bushes too. They (and the landlord) think I'm gonna put mulch all around my house now. Nope. I get paid to do that and besides, this is a rental.

    A funny thing, One minute my yard is full of magnolia leaves and the next minute they're gone and the lawn is striped. It blows his mind!
    Don't you just love people!
  2. txlawnking

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    Or a few too many brews.. :) I'd explain to him: " Good Job neighbor, Just don't cut er' so short, and be back every Saturday... Other wise, you're doing great, Keep up the good work!! " :D :D
  3. REENO

    REENO LawnSite Member
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    watch the burns!!! and watch the burns in the grass too!!???
  4. grassrootsinab

    grassrootsinab LawnSite Member
    from up here
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    My Neighbor has his holiday trailer with a slide-out extended parked out fronton his driveway. It over hangs his drive way onto the property line. It never fails that after I cut my yard and trim under his slide out, he has to come along with his 21" Snapper and cut one width along the drive way. It's always about 1/2 and inch shorter than what I just cut. Instead of a nice uniform height across my front yard, I've got 21" on one edge that is shorter than the rest.
  5. grass-scapes

    grass-scapes LawnSite Bronze Member
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    my neighbor does almost the same 42 inch strip over my property line. Keep in mind that I cut at 3.5 inches, and treat my front yard. She cuts at about 2 inches and doesnt treat. Anyway, it looks like steps...Treated 3.5 inch grass, treated 2 inch grass, and untreated weeds, all within 4 feet. LOL.
  6. Kate Butler

    Kate Butler LawnSite Senior Member
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    I cut my neighbors' front lawn because if I didn't they wouldn't and it looks bad enough already. It IS a very small lawn - adds 5-10 minutes to the total time for boths lawns -- and worth EVERY minute. My display gardens go to the property line and their house and lawn begin less than 2 feet away.
  7. Jason Rose

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    My neghibors don't cut my lawn... I usually end up cutting part of theirs, like the front or out by the road in back because they usually mow maybe once a month! drives me nuts when I have a beautiful lawn and then have a jungle weed farm on both sides.

    On that same note about neghibors cutting parts of your lawn... I have a customer that has neghiboras like that. Drives me nuts!!! One cuts abotu 5 feet over the prop. line at about 2" cut height and the other mows to her driveway with a rider that has a VERY dull blade. makes her lawn look like garbage till I cut it every tuesday. I'm contemplating taking my lesco marking paint over there and spraying a line where the prop line is and see if they get the hint!!!
  8. Tharrell

    Tharrell LawnSite Silver Member
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    Hey, I'm gonna get a pic of this guy. You wouldn't believe what he did today.
    I sold him an out building I built, 10x12. It's on a field next to my house, he lives on the other side. It's in an overgrown field with blackberry bushes. I told him he could leave it there if he wants because I didn't put skids on it.
    So, he's keeping his stuff in there.
    Anyway, he took that TSC rider and went through those blackberry bushes! They were chest high! He mowed an area about 20 feet around the building.
    There were remnants of trees that someone burned a long time ago. I was standing on my carport and laughing my ass off. VROOM, bangalangalang, bangalang,VROOM. ha ha ha

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