neighbor gives warning on deadbeat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i picked up a group of lawns a few weeks back. everything is going smooth, and this neighborhood could be extremely profitable to me. one of them, however, left me very uneasy. i don't know, did you ever just get "that feeling?" well, sure enough, she is the only one in the group that hasn't paid her bill. she has however been asking for little extras every week. i keep putting these little extras off until i see a check. we have a very strict payment policy, and it's very important to me that it is followed closely. now, the other day while we were servicing the neighborhood, i skipped the non payer. a neighbor came out, and warned me. she said i see u skipped mrs. so n so house, she owes you money don't she? i said yup. she said let me give you a heads up. we have all used the same company for lawns. this happens with every company. she will drag it out as long as she can. after you cancel her, she will not pay, till the lawn is 6 feet high, then she will call and say she will only pay if you come back and cut. ahh, you new guys, this is the oldest trick in the book. the old "hold your money hostage" trick. :mad: unfortunately, it works on most lawnguys. new guys, beware, don't fall for it. they will have you chasing your money and cutting 6 ft high grass to the point where you will lose money on that account, and lots of sleep too.
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    How did her credit report check out ? I know you did not extend credit without checking her out did ya, only a pee on or mowron would do that.
  3. NNJLandman

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    SO why does the neighbor care so much, as long as they(the neighbor who spoke to you) is getting her lawn cut and is paying....drop the non payer its not worth it.

  4. EastTnLC

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    This sounds exactly like my first lawn I cut and it was literraly 4ft. high in the front and no joke at least 5 1/2ft in her backyard because of the trees. My brother in law had flyers out and she called him for lawn service. I had all the equipment so we went there and about half way through her next door neighbor come out and started telling us about her non-paying habbits. He also said a guy that lives in their sub-division does LC and she never paid him, so he parked his truck and trailer in front of her driveway so she couldnt go anywhere. She finally paid him but I swear I was there for 5 hrs. and I have a 61" Scag WB and if this lawn was really taken care f it would be only a $25 (you know a regular sub-division yard) job and about 30 min. at the max. Luckily I had help and lights on my mower! HAHA We were very suprised she paid us. This woman hardly said a fricken word. Now I have commercial accnts. and I will never go back to residential lawns too many nosey neighbors, neighbors complaining, and taking risk on being or not being paid.
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    Pretty funny Mike. :D
  6. Ray & Karen

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    I think I'll use Mikes negotiating tactics.
  7. Canadian GreenScape

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    Back a few years ago I guy pulled up on the curb while I was doing a job and asked if I could come do his lawn for him. It was quite far out of town and I turned down his offer b/c I didnt have the time. Anyway just after he drives away another car pulls up and warns me not to do any work for the first guy. I guess he had seen me talking wanted to warn me that the first guy owns money to everyone in town. I sure appreciated that tip, I was just starting out and couldnt afford the potential lost pay.
  8. PlowKing

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    Dont bend and dont negotiate. The deal is made before the job, not after. Send her to collections and drop her account. Lifes to short.
  9. bobbygedd

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    hey mike, meathead, unlike the rest of you punks, my credit limit is 30 days max, on grasscutting only, with a signed contract only. with late fees, penalties, and a stop service clause if they ARE ONE DAY LATE! now fert programs are pre pay in full.
  10. HighGrass

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    credit report? You can't be serious.

    BTW it's moron...not mowron:p

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