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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grandview (2006), Feb 20, 2007.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    We had a notification for lawn care in our area and it was voluntary. In 2005 they passed a law to make it mandatory for 2006 but they were late doing it. So on Dec.1st 2006 they passed it again to go in effect 2007. So follow this. The law was past and the County Ex.would not sign it. So after 30 days it would become law on Jan 1st but, the DEC required 20 days notice to take effect and since the 20 days were in Jan. the law became void.

    Here's the brake down
    Dry fert no notice
    dry fert and dry weed control no notice
    spray fert only no notice
    spray weed control notice
    insect control dry no notice
    spray insect notice
  2. mrkosar

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    wow...i guess dry dylox is less toxic than liquid dylox...if they are going to pass a law like this they should at least do it correctly. from what i've read dylox is nasty stuff, dry or liquid, same with herbicide. what if the neighbor kid goes and wrestles with the homeowner's kid after the grub control application because it was a dry application, and there was no notice? rolling around in insecticides can't be good...where is the notice for that?

    fertilizers are harmless from what i've read, so i don't see why you should notify neighbors...actually making companies notify neighbors seems drastic, time consuming, and will only make the customer's prices increase.

    have fun with those calls. maybe you can make some extra sales this way, i guess that is the way to look at it.
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    Maybe you know my buddy Craig in Kingston?

    Erie & Ulster both fell this year. We've had to live with it in Rockland & Westchester for a few years now. Most applicators haven't really changed much of what they do. I do sell more granular weed & feed (none of which is terribly effective) than before the law. Down here in District 3 the guys are permitted to spray weeds in 9 sq ft patches without notifying. There seems to be no limit on the number of 9 sq ft patches they spray (hint).

    In other words, after one year of mailing expensive post cards, most applicators went back to using handcans for weeds & nothing much else has changed. Just no one pulls the hose any more.

    Permagreens aren't exempt yet no one ever says anything so a lot of guys run the nozzles full time anyway.

    The stupidest law on the books IMHO.
  4. grandview (2006)

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    The Health commissioner is in charge of enforcing the law and he told me it won't happen and they won't check if no one calls. I figure if you send out a postcard to neighbor on the left and right should be good.
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    I am sending you a pm.
  6. green horizons

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    I fear this type of law. I'm all for safety, but this is ridiculous! Heck, any monkey can walk in and buy pesticides, apply them to their own lawn and not need to notify anyone. Why us pros? Locally, we don't have this neighbor law, but I'm sure it will come around. If municipalities want safety, they should continue the licensing of pros but restrict the purchase of products by homeowners. Where is the line drawn? Immediate neighbors, two doors down, six blocks away??? Again, safety first, common sense second and asinine laws shoved back in the arse they came from.
  7. turf hokie

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  8. Meadowbrook

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    Maybe they're thinking that the drift from the spray can come into contact with more than granular can??? Not really sure what the reasoning is behind it either, but sometimes people are in positions where WE should be...haha. At least we have the sense to figure this stuff out.
  9. jrc lawncare

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    Neighbour notification law has to be a pain in the azz. glad i don't have to deal with it, (yet).
  10. HoseJockey

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    What about a commercial prop.?? How would the law apply to these??

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