Neighbor Notification Lawn in New York starts March 2001

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnboy11, Aug 22, 2000.

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    Does anyone work in New York and if so did you know that there will be a notification law in the spring for applications. All neighbors must be notified of planned spray date(like that never changes) and two alternate dates 48 hrs. in advance. That stinks for us, but there is a part that says its not necessary for safe products like dormant oils and soaps which is cool. Anyway, how does granular broadleaf weed control work. Pretty crappy compared to effectiveness/efficiency of liquid herbicides I'm sure. Not to mention spot spraying crabgrass and nut sedges. This really blows. I think I'm just gonna say tough crap on them and wait for them to actually enforce the law. If I did notify neighbors I would make my clients list all addresses for me and then double the price for the application for annoyance factor of 1,000,000. Any thoughts from NY or non NY certified applicators (I'm fully legal). Thanks.
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    How do you notify them? Phone? Letter? Knock on door? Sky writing? This law sux.
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    I'mnot sure about NY but here in Michigan, the way our notification law works is that anyone who wishes to be notified (for medical reasons,allergies, etc.) must submit an application to the State Dept. of Agriculture. They recieve this by calling or writing. Then, we get updates sent to us with these addresses (no names) in them. They are all categorized by zip code and streets and notices are sent to them. I would think the state of N.Y. will probably do something similar.
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    new jersey will follow soon. they been talking about for years.
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    We have a 24 hour pre-application notice to be given to those who register before Feb. of the current year. The state produces a book with names and addresses divided into the county that they live in. We get this book to use, I'm sure my license fees and certification fees help publish this book. The good part is that you just have to inform them. You don't have to postpone applications. I haven't run into any yet but I'm close.
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    I hope Delaware doesn't have any plans to require any thing like this. It's hard enough planning around the weather.
  9. The pesticide cops in the NE PA office are like the maytag repairman. Very few complaints when it comes to the certified operators.

    The notification law in PA is that notification is to be given when applying with 500 ft of the primary or secondary location.

    In my county there are only 7 canarys on the latest PA
    pesticide hypersensitivity registry.

    I am glad I just opened that book and reviewed the names.
    Looks like one of the canarys works in the office of a
    local school district. I will be sure not to contact
    them for any athletic field work.

    Those hypersensitive types are nothing but trouble and
    you should stay away from the areas they live and work.
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    here in washington state we have a list of pesticide persons who are the ones to get notified....they call the state and are placed on the list...mostly for 2-4-d and other rups....not every ap...only in an area for 500 yards....anymore would collapse the paper tiger!!

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