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    Another who is in charge thread.. !

    There is a middle class neighborhood near my home that has a divided entrance with a raised median between the two lanes. It's probably 100 ft by 10 feet, it's all just plain grass in it. But I think it would look 1000x better with the grass killed and some nice mulch put down and some shrubs and flowers.. I'd be willing to do this but don't know who to contact. There is no homeowners association in this neigborhood, and no type of management. So, who might I contact? My sister lives in a similiar neighborhood and the entrance was being overgrown so the neighbors took up a collection to have the grass cut. She say's the town is in charge, but I don't know..

    Any ideas please?!!
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    Your sister is right, you need to contact the town or the highway department. Because it is not an association, it is not private property, it belongs to the town.
    When approaching the town, keep in mind it is easier for them to mow the lawn than to maintain a bed and planting. If it is something you want to do and maintain for free, then I am sure they would take you up on your offer.

    I am sure they would not be willing to pay for it. You could talk to them and see if they would give you the opportunity to plant it, if they will pay for it all the better, if not you could go to each homeowner and tell them your plan and see if they would like to contribute to the project. I am pretty sure you will meet with some resistance since they could use the money to purchase gas or have other work done at there home.

    Good Luck with the project, let us know how it works out.
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    I mean I don't want to do it for free, since it really doesn't affect me but I've always thought it'd look a ton better. If I could get a go ahead from the town then I'd pass out a flier to each homeowner for a contribution. I mean, if I wasn't in the business and lived there, I'd donate to make my neighborhoods entrance look better..
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    Good luck with that.

    My city does their own median strip landscaping, and its absolutely horrible, but they won't spare a penny to have someone else do it.

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