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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by NCLawnMedic, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Has anyone tried to distribute flyers with the weekly or Sunday News papers. If so, how did you go about it and what did it cost. MMLawn: tell me a little more about the mailing. What are the postage charges associated with the mailings? Have you ever tried the value ads or anything. Need some more suggestions / ideas. thanks
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    I just went over all this with my local USPS bulk rate mailwoman.

    Basically, you pay a one time registration fee of $150. On top of that you pay $150 annual fee. With this you get a stamper that you can place on your envelopes, postcards, whatever you are bulk mailing. You then take your mail to the bulk 'mailperson'/office. Their are a whole bunch of rules and regs on how they must be packed, what they are packed in, minimum/maximum postcards, etc. Basically, for all of that stuff you have to deal with you save anywhere from 10-15 cents per mailing. In other words, instead of 37 cents per mailing its like 26 cents. A lot depends on your letter/postcard size, how you package them, etc. because you can get like $0.02 cent discounts if you do certain things...go to your local postoffice and ask for this book. It has all that info in their.

    For my situation it wasn't worth it. Postwoman basically told me to first send the flyers out via regular postage (i.e. $0.37 stamp). She said bulk mailing usually doesn't even make it in the house...first see if the flyers will generate any calls. I followed her advice.

    For me I just mailed out ~850 flyers. I concentrated on 3 main areas. I will resend those flyers again in about 3-4 weeks..mid-march. So I'm looking at 1700 flyers this spring. Assuming I send another 1000 for snow plowing in the fall I'm looking at 2700 flyers total. Well @ 0.37 cents per flyer I'm looking at ~$1000. Assuming I can bulk rate for $0.26 per flyer that would equate to ~$700 in postage costs. Throw in the 300 for dues and fees and I would break even for year one. However, the second year, third year, etc. I would save 150 for the year. To me, I'd rather not go bulk rate and eat the 150 a year.

    Sorry for the long winded response...hope I helped some.
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    Come on now, the guy gets one complete WACKO out of over 10,000 hangers. That's hardly a reason to stop doing it.

    I'll tell ya, he had a LOT more patience then I would have with her! That was a class act to send here a coupon like that. And it couldn't have been less classy of her to send it back torn up like that. She's got serious problems!
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    I had posted about a company here before that hand delivers flyers in certain states, and they can get it all the way down to .12 cents a piece in large enough numbers (I think it was 10k peices and over).
    I had inquired about having them deliver 5K flyers, and it would have been .15 cents per piece. Not too bad at all.

    Only downside was that they want to do it all in one day. I guess it's not so bad, but personally I'd rather have it spread out over several weeks.
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    Messages: 4,771 would make it easier to handle all the calls this way.

    I am having my flyers inserted into neighborhood association newsletters this spring. The majority will cost me .03 cents each.....pretty fair price if you ask me.

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