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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nathan, Oct 21, 2001.

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    I have searched the posts on marketing and mass mailings, but what I have in mind is a little different. There are many neighborhoods in the area that have very good demographics and we already have a lot of business in some of them. I would like to target JUST these neighborhoods with some recurring mailings to get our name ingrained into potential customers.
    Does anyone know how to get addresses for entire neighborhoods without having to do mass zip code mailings or driving around the neighborhood writing down everyones address.

    BTW, yes, I have used flyers and they work well but I intend to try some less time consuming actions to supplement our advertising and flyer programs.
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    This was brought up once before, and I know SOMEONE on here knows how to do it. Hopefully, they'll see this thread and be able to help you out. I do know that there is a book available, I'm not sure what it's called, but it does have a name. Basically, what it is, is a reverse listing of the phone book. Instead of going by names, it targets addresses - area by area, and tells who lives there. Another thing to do as a strategy, is if you have impeccable work, GET THE SUBDIVISION ENTRANCES! This is a major selling point for your work. Talk to those people, and talk to them again. You may even want to call around your bookstores for this book, OR youu could just go to the library and run off some copies of those pages. I hope this helps!
    P.S. If anyone knows the name of this book, please let us know. I would like to gain the knowledge.:)
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    CrissCross Telephone Directory is one way. You can Find it at your local Library. It has two ways to list phone numbers. look up phone # get name and address. or look up street and get every ones address # phone # and name. Unlisted # will not be in the book. Pick your Streets in the nieghborhood you want and copy the pages on the copy machine. These books are generally not loaned out.

    From the first lawn to the last lawn I do it is 6 miles the way I did this was. 1. Show up same time every week, let them set there clock by you. 2. Fertilize, make your lawns the greenest lawn on the block. 3. Professionalism, (take lawnboy82 advise "school rocks") Know your business. 4. Offer full service, trees shrubs etc. 5. Go the extra mile make sure everything is clean and picked up. 6. Smile and wave at every one. spend a little time to talk to everyone that walks by. Go back to the houses for what ever reason in the evening when the nieghbors are home and in their yard. Drive a clean polished truck with clean equip. uniform shirts with you phone # and name. Drive thru the nieghborhoods a coup times a day to be seen. Sat. & Sun are real good. 7. Time it takes Time to built up a route like my.

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    The way I solicit customers is by having a tape recorder in one hand and drive up and down the road and record the peoples names and addresses and look in the phone book and you have them for free. I call this target marketing.
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    Use the internet.

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    Here is a site that I found that may help you. I went in to this, and somehow ended up in to one called . I looked myself up, I clicked on my address, and it took me to every listing on my road. (pages and pages) This thing is prety cool! Play around with it a bit, and try some of the different reverse list sites on it. Let me know how it turns out!
  7. Runner

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    That was backwards. It WAS THEN to . I noticed when you click on the freeality link from here, though, it shows a server error. I found this though and searched for "phone directories".
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    Search the internet for your local Counties website. My county website has a search feature for Assessment Data. This data includes owners: Names, address, lot sqft., house sqft., type of house, bedrooms, bathrooms, purchase price, purchase date, assessment value, and other handy things!

    Its ususally a .org address. I haven't used mine for business, but it helps when estimating lot size of current customers.
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    My neighbor is a yellow page salesman and he said he would sell me a reverse directory. This would be on CD and they want you to sign up for updates. Another way is to mail by postal route. Go to the main post office and look for the postal route for your target area. I beleive you can mass mail to just one route(smaller than zip).
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    You can do that, but then you don't have names. They would all just have to be addressed "Resident".

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