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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nathan, Oct 21, 2001.

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    The book your refering to is the criss cross directory.
    It can be done quickly if you know the street names in the target area. I just went to my local branch an ask the librarian if they had such a book. She knew exactly what I was talking about. Simply go to the page with your streets and make a copy. Our branch offers this service for a modest charge. Then I went home and entered them into my computer. With the data base in a software program that prints labels post cards, ect... I had "MS WORKS" at the time, I could print post card type flyers, $0.20 stamps vs. $0.32 stamps at the time. We also went to a local KINKO's for a postcard design as they offered that service.
    Hope I haven't run on to long but this stuff get the brain sizzling.
    To advertise on the net find a local web site, i.e. or something and buy some banner space. You can also find local web sites with similar product lines that may allow you to buy space or perhaps exchange links, i.e. you could offer grass cutting services and the other party could offer landscaping or stone work. Better end here before I run out of finger tips.
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    I just typed in an address I knew back in the states. I know my parents house is on a street with 22 others. I typed in the info and found there house, then when they were found there was a hyperlink on their street name. I clicked that and bammm 24 names (2 homes had 2 lines listed)!! It gives all the info you need.

    Its a lot better and more recognized when sent to an actual person and not "resident".

    I think that anyone thinking of this should go ahead and do it. Type in every name on your customer list and advertise to their streets telling them in a letter that you service a lawn in their area , blah blah blah..... This would work well to tighten up your route if successful.

    Good thread! (It should be in my favorite forum for elements of business though!!) ;)
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    We do this!!! It seems to work well although the results are not always immediate. . I also go on the web, although a different spot then you do. I used to print onto labels, but I read somewhere that the handwritten ones got a
    better response. Can't tell yet which works best. Try it
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    DeLorme Phone Search USA

    This is a cd set that can be bought in most office supply supermarkets. It is a nationwide phone directory that allows you to search by ANY of the following

    Aera Code
    Commercial SIC Code

    WHat we would do was to type in a street, and city, then it would pull up all the address on that street. We would then delete and duplicates, existing customers, or other underierables, and then the program will print mailing labeels for you.

    This cost less than $50, and was found to be very accurate.
    This eliminated a lot of re-typing of addresses.
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    I hope this will not be thought of as advertising! A great way to get, and keep your name in front potential customers is through the use of promotional advertising products!(pens,mugs, key chains...) A few friends and I bought into an operation that gets us these types of personalised at a wholesale price. My favorite product that I use in the spring in mailings is a generic bic pen that sell for 23 cents each with a minimum order of 500. That is a total price of $117.50 plus shipping (shipping is about $10) I can get them to you for $106.50 plus shipping. (It is only a 10% discount, but it helps a little!) If you are interested
    Email me @
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    Thank you all who replied on this, very much help. Anyone else who continues with this idea please let us know how it works. I will be getting all of this together this winter, along with all of our other new advertising.

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