Neighborhood thieves or druggies? Advertise for them!

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by adam.neusbaum, Sep 18, 2012.

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    This topic of conversation has a strange familiarity to it. Unless my memory fails me i'm thinking I discussed the harmlessness of drugs with my mother. Of course my 14 year-old perspective was overwhelmingly pro-drug. Then just after a dash of life s experience my thoughts began to mature. It might be in my best interest to archive our conversation DirtRoad so in 12 years I can show my son that his dear ol' dad's already dealt with a rockhead on the matter way back in Two-Thousand-Twelve.
    Son, I don't want to argue with ya, haven't I told you I love ya enough? How 'bout we go on downtown for some ice-cream?
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  2. adam.neusbaum

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    Look who got busted & for burglary nonetheless: & last name is: Horrighs Joseph (Joey). I'm considering making a visit to the jail to say hello.
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    In Australia, thieves always target the vehicles of tradespeople. Especially vehicles parked on the street at night. Expensive machines and power tools are always stolen. Probably best to remove valuable tools and equipment from vehicles at the end of the day, no matter how tired you are !!
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    Why would anyone in their right mind choose to do wrong?

    I am sure some folks who have never been addicted, and on this same subject haven't had the willingness to become honest about one's addiction may either fail to understand or deny for whichever reason what follows.

    Unless we are familiar with the connection between the mind, the body, the soul and God, it is possible some folks may lack the ability to grasp these concepts.

    Granted, not all druggies nor all alcoholics steal and not all thieves are related to drugs or alcohol, but most crime is... In some kind of way, manner, shape or form, at least half of all people doing time in prison today are there because of it, however you want to cut it, the bottom line is that drugs and / or alcohol had something to do with it... In some cases it had a lot, if not everything to do with it.

    One feeds the other, or perhaps one thing leads to another.
    Drugs and alcohol separate us from God, when we desecrate the temple of our soul, we willingly give away the light that guides our souls.

    That's how thieves, alcohol and drugs go together.
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    10:50 P.M. Wednesday 2/6 there's a knock at the door. Frantic neighbor friend asking if we've seen her husband & child lately. She just got home from work and wondered why they weren't at there & is now going door to door in search. I could tell she was about to lose it so I volunteered to ride along in search. We check in with their friends & family for leads which goes nowhere. Lastly we stop at a notorious drug house to inquire, sure enough they just left (they being the 30 y/o dad with 2 y/o child now walking a dark road home. Zip over to their house & not there, my wife calls suggesting they are at our house. I walk in to see Steve that looks like a total Zombie. His wife retrieves her child & tells him to get in the car 'cause they are going home. I don't have to repeat the few choice words I used to suggest what kind of father he is. On any given day the both of them think it's cute to share a joint & booze but she was totally sober when considering the worst for her son. How many parents have attributed to their childs death thru drugs & alcohol? I'm sure the stats are staggering.
    Steves older brother & I are the best of friends so he was the first to know where the lawn mowing money is going each week or if he ask for a front every other day. We're thinking of contacting his probation officer to step up the random drug testing.
    Someone with wisdom could answer this: Years back, did fathers & brothers step in to straighten out a guy if he was turning his family's lives to rubbish?
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