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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by VMcNeill, Oct 26, 2006.

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    I was scouting some possible locations earlier this afternoon when I came upon a neighborhood I've never been in before. The houses start at $250,000 and up(according to builder's sign) so I would think this would be prime real estate to go after some accounts. The problem is that by the entrance to the subdivision there are several no soliciting signs.

    I'm assuming this means that putting flyers and door hangers are out of the question. Is there some way I could get all the addresses so that I could just mail them the flyer? I would hate to spend the money on postage, but neighborhoods like the one mentioned above seem the likeliest spots to look for customers.
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    See if your county has a GIS site (geographical information system) as many or most do have. You can scan in on all the properties and find out who owns them and their mailing address and the size of the properties.

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    That is to cool. I really appreciate, thanks.
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    I advertise hard in a lot of neighborhoods that have NO Soliciting signs posted.....I just dont talk to anyone or knock on any doors....just simply pass out flyers.....unless someone approaches me, i just keep it :walking: moving.....Hell, one county south of Atlanta has a county wide NO Soliciting Law.....and they enforce it hard as I dont know what....but haven't had any problems with just passing out flyers and door hangers.....
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    Does No Soliciting mean the same as No Flyers or No Junk Mail?
    Not like you're knocking on doors and bugging people.

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    Letter of the law-- should not put out fliers, but most only think of it as do not disturbe, so pass out at will, if somebody says stop-- do so, But i do not think they will.

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