Neighbors new lawn service doesn't understand boundary

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Damian, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Damian

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    I've been mowing a customer for over three years. The boundary between her's and her neighbors yard has always been made clear by the neighbor. All of a sudden, the boundary has "shrunk" and I can only infer that the lowballing firm that was advertising there a few weeks ago, has a new customer.

    Before a few weeks ago, the neighbors yard was always neat. Now it's sloppy.

    I cut the extra grass last Friday going into the 4th weekend, but not today. I'm not going to do someone else's work for them so they can rush off to butcher the next yard. I know this could just be an innocent misundersanding, but like I've said, I've been mowing that lawn for three years and the boundary was clearly established, so how can it be anything but sloppy work?
  2. rodfather

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    Someone failed geography in high school?
  3. naturescape

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    I've encountered this problem. In which case I'll cut the strip or two a couple of times, after that I don't. It might look silly, having just a narrow strip of uncut grass in some cases (always on the neighbor's property) but it should not have to be my concern.

    In the other extreme, I hate it when neighbors cut about a 1' swath on the other side of their driveway, on my client's lawn. Sometimes I'll see this done, usually cut about 2" while my properties are cut at 3 1/2". I'm just always hoping people that see it understand the higher-cut property I'm maintaining is the one being properly cared for!
  4. Ground Scapes

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    just talk with the lawn business and make it clear where the boundery is. if they still dont cut it just let them deal with it!
  5. Mower For Less

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    That is a pet peave of mine. I allow a little leeway, if it looks like they made the effort and just couldnt hold a straight line I will clean up the rest. But if they are clearly missing it by a couple feet or more, I leave it. Certainly nobody should expect you to cut a yard that isnt one you get paid to maintain.

  6. topsites

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    Yeah but I can tolerate a wishy-washy line that moves a little this way and that, what I can't deal with is the line that consistently moves to the neighbor's benefit.

    Same as you, I might do it once or twice but don't be too surprised if one day there's a 4-foot patch of grass uncut on their property.
    As for talking with them, action speaks louder than words, I don't waste my breath on that.
  7. dvmcmrhp52

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    from Pa.
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    Got a complaint today............
    "could you STOP mowing on my property it was cut 1-2 feet onto my property".............This is on a 1/3 acre lot...........
    Ya, OK, I'll try to lose some sleep tonight over it........:dizzy:
  8. rodfather

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    Got the same thing earlier in the year on side-by-side props that are a full 3 acres each. I was like gimme a break already.
  9. TLS

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    I have this a LOT!

    I KNOW where the prop. lines are on ALL my accounts. Bordering lawns that are cut by different LCO's continuously fail to cut ALL of their property.
  10. Precision

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    I got that same complaint last week. I cut too far into the neighbor's yard. The other LCO was there and came over and screamed at me for blowing debris into his client's yard. He dragged over his client to see the horror of my cutting their lawn at the proper height.

    So I told him, if you had cut all of her yard, I would not have had to make that pass. He screamed again. I calmly pointed to the yard (grass remaining uncut after my over the line pass, 36" deck) and said, I guess you will be getting that part after you finish blowing.:rolleyes:

    Why must the stupid always open their mouths and remove all doubt?

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