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Pottstown, PA
I am trying to start up a part time operation. I have a 48" Metro with velke I bought for my yard. I am also doing the lawn at my church now but was wondering how neighbors are as clients. Are they a good place to start or do they expect cut rates and are a pain if they see you mowing your yard twice a week and their's only once. I have a few that are interested, acre lots.


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Wichita, KS
Neighbors are great when you are just starting out. They give you a boost of confidence, little travel time, and you can take pride in them as you drive by them everyday. I have gotten alot busier as of late, I do mostly landscaping, my neighbors and my yard went 4 weeks without being mowed! Unfortunately, it was the least of my priorities. I finally said the heck with it and put something off, so that I could do it!

So if you do you neighbors yard, make sure that you make it a priority! Or give him lots of vegetables out of your garden for free. I have a feeling I am getting canned at the end of the season.


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Flint, Michigan
You'll have alot of people tell you to stay away from doing neighbors. Of course, you'll have alot of pooeple tell you to stay away from doing relatives and friends. Personally, I do several of my neighbors, and have done them for several years. I have never had any problems - whatsoever. If there is a market there, go for it. They always work as great references to more work, anyway.


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Jonesboro, GA
have 8 within walking distance of my home, don't even trailer the z, just move truck around with power equip. i treat them just as any other, yes that means slightly less due to no windshield time ($5 per lawn)