Nelson Green Shield popup spray

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    What years were you with Nelson and what territory?
  2. xnelson salesman

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    I was actually with R.L. Gould in St. Paul, MN.. We were wholesale distributors for Husavarna, Jacobsen, Ryan, SmithCo, Nelson, Rain Train, Ames Tools and many other major lines. I called on Park Depts, Golf Courses and commercial a/c's in the 1970's and early 80's, I covered Minnesota West Wisconsin and some Iowa & N & S. Dakota, before that I was doing outside sales for a large John Deere Dealer in Afton, MN.
  3. Wet_Boots

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    So, are you clearing out some shelves? Old brass stuff always intrigues people in the trade, and Nelson did make some attractive-looking products, before they went modern and plastic.

    There is one trade application for these today, and that is as replacements for other brass popup spray bodies that accept coarse-thread nozzles. I snagged a carton of heads on eBay a few years back for replacing the old ones I installed years ago.
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    Nelson made a surface spray head with interchangeable nozzle with a blue/silver rubber ring called a "silver spray". Popular in the Midwest.
  5. Mike Leary

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    Interesting thread, Nelson was not popular in the PNW. Even before the big box days, it was considered a "also ran".
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    Same here. I see some occasional rotors, but haven't liked them.
    A few years ago I bought a fully stocked work van, and it had 5-6 Nelson valves. I had never seen a Nelson valve here, until this spring. I was finally able to utilize two of them for the solenoids and diaphragms. Really helped out so I didn't need to dig up the entire manifold.
  7. Wet_Boots

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    That green rubber ring, or one a bit larger, was also used on another Nelson brass rotor head, their final version of the Buckner 1300 'cam drive' sprinkler. It had enough brass to be insanely expensive in today's world, and it was held together by a threaded brass cover ring you needed a special split-ring wrench to remove.
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    I would date the Green Shield branding to the mid 1970's. They also made a brass "bird in a bucket" head that also had the Green Shield name on the lid.

    Nelson came out with a plastic impact in a bucket, called the Minirotor in the early 1980's to chase the MiniPAW market.

    Many of the Nelson products were handled by small distributors and dealers, including hardware stores.

    The Silver Spray was earlier, mid 1960's.
  9. Wet_Boots

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    Nelson plastic stuff was a little weird at first, because they used a different variety of plastic, that I guess was chosen for being "self-lubricating" and maybe for ease of molding. Definitely not chosen for strength, because their parts were definitely thicker and heavier than what followed later on, with conventional materials.
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    I see you listed them singly, and sold one already - good luck with the rest of your sales payup

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