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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Where can I get information on flow rates of nozzles on these rotors? I've only ran into them on a few occasions, but I need to research them more.
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    6000's? If they don't have a web site, and your parts house doesn't carry nelson to give you a catalog, I would say your sunk for exact rates, but they've changed those nozzles enough in the last ten years, if you don't know the vintage, your probably still not sure. A hunter nozzle will fit, but the numbers don't match (I don't think, could be wrong).
  4. Dirty Water

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    The closest thing I have to a local parts house is Ferguson Northwest, which is a major plumbing chain. All they can provide me is genearic PVC fittings and overpriced hunter parts.

    We get all of ours stuff through mail order mainly from John Deere Landscapes.

    Would be real nice if they opened a branch here.

    The reasion I'm asking is because I am (as a favor), doing some work on my neighbors poorly installed system. He has zones with 3 nelson rotors on them each (90 degree of arc) and they performed badly, so he installed a booster pump (not the advice I would have given him), Anyways the pump is nothing but trouble, so I'm going to try to renozzle his current zones to work without the pump.
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    Nelson nozzles on the rotors I've encountered were pretty much copies of Hunters, even down to the numbers.
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