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Nematode supplier


LawnSite Member
I have been considering adding Nematodes for my grub/mole problems. Can/will anyone give me some quality supplier list. Does anyone out there currently sell and apply nematodes to their customers and if so how do you charge for this service.

Az Gardener

LawnSite Gold Member
Phoenix, Az
I have done it in the past for a couple of clients one for grubs and another time for some flea like creatures in some pots in the clients home. They seemed to work just takes longer. Both cases the clients had allergy issues. The nematodes come in a powder form, they need to be used quickly or refrigerated I think they were about 30.00 I hose end sprayed them for the grubs and bucket applied for the pots. The company is called Arbico they are out of Tucson AZ. they ship all kinds of "bugs" all over the world, neat company.