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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Total.Lawn.Care, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Total.Lawn.Care

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    Has anyone recently bought (ordered) a set of Nerf Bars for their truck? IF so, would you mind sharing what brand they are, chrome or black, were you got them from, how much you paid and whether you like them or not.

    My wife has a hard time getting into my new truck (2001 1500 HD 4X4) because it has no running boards or nerf bars. I have found them starting at about $150 and up. Just want to get an idea of what kind some of you have, and how well they are holding up, etc.

  2. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    i have a set of chrome WESTIN nerf bars on my truck, they have been on for about 4-5 years, the chrome still looks excellent, but the mounting brackets have lost there black paint and show some rust, you would probably never see it but my truck has a lift on it so it shows more. i paid 300 for them installed i think, its been too long to remember, i would buy them again though, my dad recently bought a set of tredz or something like that that are powder coated black and they "give" when you step on them, my westins are very solid.
  3. dave k

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    I have the Westin to, but forget what I paid for them, the dealer installed them from where I purchased them. The only thing I don't like abaout them is it seems like the step in the bar is not where I step to get into my Chevy 2500 HD 4X4 Crew Cab, they should be back towards the jam instaed of the opening in the door, but I like them, my set is black.
  4. tthomass

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    i got mine off ebay........much cheaper than Westin

    don't get me wrong, Westin is great but screw paying that much $........mine are chrome and get the daily muddy abuse of my boot everyday for the past 6 months and not one problem
  5. bobcat9957

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    I bought the summit brand out of their magazine. They are black, about a year old with 1 winter of plowing and have no rust on the yet. I think they are a pretty good deal for the price.
  6. FearThisDeere

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    I worry about nerf bars and grille brush guards because they are just another thing that will rust out eventually. They are another thing that either makes the truck look bad when the rust out or you will have to replace to keep a good look. Don't get me wrong, they work well, but they are just not for me. I like the look of the stock running boards. They protect the side of your truck, most are plastic, and I think they give a nice sleek look to some trucks. JMO. These are the ones that I have on my F250. I know Chevy makes some similar for the year of your truck. I do think that they Nerf bars look better on the Chevy body style.


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