Nervous about starting - anyone else?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by velocicaur, Dec 1, 2005.

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    I was wondering if anyone else was apprehensive about starting their business. What if I don't get that many customers over the next few years - cannot reach my goals that I have set out to complete? I know that I should be optimistic and confident that things are going to work, but I get this feeling that its not going to work as planned.

    Anyone else get these feelings before they started and it turned out well or am I bound for failure? :help:

  2. garth1967

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    yes i was nervous as hell .someone has a little saying on this site that goes 'fail to prepare or prepare to fail' it certainly rings true ,research as much as you can especially your area thats what i did.and use this site as much as you can
  3. garth1967

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    oops dble post
  4. grapeford

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    It all depends on where you are in your personal life. I started single, no kids, no mortgage and very little debt. If you've the wife and kids, mortgage , no health insurance, credit card debt up the rear end and you're struggling to buy equipment and desperate for customers, then it will be hard.
    Keep your debt as low as possible, and be prepared if the bottom falls out.

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    You should be concerned, This is not a get rich quick gig, or even a way to make BIG money. This is a business with all the problems of any business.
    Knowing about the tools and equipment and the actual work is only about 10% of what you need to know. You still have to run a business.
    Very few of the posters here make enough to support the business and a family and household and still have money for a decent life. It is hard work and takes a lot of time to succeed.

    But it can be done. Study business and write a business plan. Go to training or business classes at you local collage. Get with an attorney and an insurance agent and be sure you are set up right. Sit with a CPA and work up the best way to structure the business and the best way to purchase and hold everything. Also how to incorporate. Remember the word PROFIT. It is the only reason to have all the hassles of you own business. And it should be planed for from the start.
    Than make sure that you have the capital to start. If you plan on working another job and starting this part time than you will only need start up cash. $5000 would be about the smallest figure I would work with but to really start right and stay out of debt I would figure at least $10,000. And than plan on putting most back into the business for a few years.
    If you want to start cold turkey with no other job than figure about 6 to 12 months of living money in the bank.

    Ask yourself what steps you would take to open a pet store, or a auto repair shop. You are not going out to cut grass. You are starting a business, and intend to run a BUSINESS. It has to be run like any other business. The widget that you business sells or provides still has to be sold or provided in a way that produces profit.

    If you plan right and work hard you can make good money at this. And you will not fail!
    Good luck with it.
  6. maui8

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    it also helps if trucks are your favorite automobile. soon as my jeep dies, im buying a truck that i had my eye on for 2 yrs now. i dont even consider it as a business expense because i want the truck regardless if im starting a lawn business!

    i am planning now for the spring time. im hoping to have my business license and name, insurance, trailer, and equipment list by the end of december. january, i am going to attack all neighborhoods within 1 mile where i live and deliver flyers monthly till april. hopefully i can get a few customers. i will be investing 5k and will be hiring my cousin to do the more labor instensive job(trimming, edging, cleaning) while i ride the mower.

    i like to think that if i dont get paid off of this, i am truely lazy. lazy is something i never want to be or called.
  7. PR Fect

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    Velocicaur, re-read PM's post. He has many good points in there. If you truely do not whant to "fail" do not plan to big. Make your goals in reach. I have read on this site that if you are starting out full time, plan on sticking everything back into the business the first year. And I agree. That means everything. You will need someone elses income, wife, girfreind, parent, to live on. Or you need a hole lot in saveings. We started part time 6 years ago. Around 30 hours a week at first. It soon became around 50 hours a week for the two of us, and is now around 65 to 70 hours to get it all done. This will be ( I think ) our first year that we made a proffit. Good luck, and remember, if you find something you love to do, and can make a living at it, you will never have to work another day in your life. PR
  8. cwlawley

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    If you "prepare to fail" then you will fail. All businesses do not fail and the majority of them end of failing due to greed...wanting more for less. Get a business plan together, spend all your time making it work and it will work, you'll be suprised. I think that people mix up "get rich quick" and "you'll never make money." There is a huge grey area. I started lawn care with a Murray Rider and one house. I did it part-time for 6 months and now I am full-time adding on another crew. This doesn't always work out, but if you work hard, you will make money. Don't let people scare you.
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    Seems to me that every thing I have ever done that have amounted to anything have been scary as hell.
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