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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenworldh20, Oct 25, 2007.

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    what amount of net profit is average in the irrigation industry? installation and service? i believe the profit level is higher on service. what are some ratios that you get?

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    That is a very complex question. It depends. On what market you're in, what your client base is like and what your pricing model is.

    Around here, you'd go broke trying to survive on service work. Nobody is willing to pay a reasonable amount for a service call, and we don't have that great a need for service (i.e. no annual tests for backflows, etc). Minor system mods and the occasional broken head/punctured line. I won't say that there is no service only companies here.. I know a couple of guys that are doing fine on service only models. For the rest of us, the money is in installs, most using a pricing model skewed more to profit on materials rather than labour.

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    yup, you cant make any money in dallas unless you are some huge install company. irritech? john hydman's company? they're huge, choate- but their work can use improvement.

    all i can say is you get what u pay for?

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    I think I heard Heidman sold Irritech. He's retired. Man built a great company. LI #2. George Hall was LI #1. My understanding is that after the LI law was passed he and Hall got together and flipped a coin to see who would be the LI #1. That Irrigator supply house in McKinney is owned by a Heidman I think.
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    William Kleine from San Antonio was LI #1. John was two and Hank Alford was #3. Kleine died several years ago and always said that he happened to be the first one to jump in line ant that was why he had #1.

    Is Marvin Prestridge still will Irritech? Anyone heard from Howard Coulter lately?

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    What number was George Hall? I know he has passed away but he'd be in my mind the real number 1. Howard is still going. A little grayer but same location. Don't know about Prestridge.

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    Kleine is still listed as #1. I tried to find the numbers in order and couldn't. They were talking about grandfathering in certain numbers to remember people who have passed away so they don't just get wiped off the rolls. If I ever become the oldest living irrigator with the lowest number will somebody please pull the plug on my respirator? THANKS!
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    Not sure what Hall Sr. was. His son George was still going strong in San Antonio last I heard. They grandfathered in 248 irrigators I believe. Bill Wilcox from San Antonio was the last grandfathered irrigator. I'll check in the archives. I have an old printed irrigator list somewhere from about 1998 or 99. They used to drop the numbers once the license was not renewed due to death or non-renewal.
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    you sound like an old choate employee, by the way you keep talking about them.

    and your right, you get what you pay for.

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