Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Lawn-Scapes, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Lawn-Scapes

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    I'm thinking of having a website done... Would it be a mistake to choose .net instead of .com?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
  2. is the .com not available or are you just thinking of .net to be different? either is good just seems that the .com is easier to remember, if that really matters.
  3. heygrassman

    heygrassman LawnSite Senior Member
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    .net here and I am getting clicks when I advertise. .Nets are getting more popular as is the .us and .biz..
  4. TooLPrincessBlaze

    TooLPrincessBlaze LawnSite Member
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    No, I don't think you'd have trouble remembering the .whatever before whats between www. and .whatever. It might even come cheaper :D
  5. bubble boy

    bubble boy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    don't take .net if .com is available.

    if it's taken, and i struggled with this, and here the .ca is pretty much on equal level to the .com.

    so i had two choices, both were taken, of course. :rolleyes:

    so i had to decide to be creative with the name, or go with a lesser .biz or .net.

    i stuck with .com

    ever notice the US army site is www.goarmy.com?

    or nissan is www.nissandriven.com?

    i think keep the .com and get creative with your name.

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