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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jhawk71, May 15, 2004.

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    I have a few questions about the Netafim products. Let me first start off by saying this will be an addition to an existing sprinkler system. We are running 4 zones right now. We have space for 2 more I plan on using one for the backyard turf, and one for a drip irrigation system for the flower beds. The flowers beds are roughly 90X3. Its curved and bends to follow a retaining wall and deck. I think I understand how to tie into the existing system, because when first installed the main line was ran to the backyard for possible expansion This line is about 10 feet from the start of the beds. All wires are already run.
    While researching the netafim product I am confused on how it is set up. I know you run the lines throughout the beds around plants and shrubs, but on their website it shows dripper attachments. Do you need to attach these to every hole? This will be my first time working with the product and need alittle help. Any help is appreciated. If you don't mind what brand/model would you use for the valve, filter, drip line, and how much would I expect to pay for these at my local distributor.

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    No need for drippers unless you choose irrigation above the soil for certain plants or shrubs.

    Netafim has an all in one setup with valave , regulator and filter system.

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