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    I know this does not really apply to lawn care, but it is good info if you have a DVD player. Check out, I've used them for a year now and it's the best DVD rental program around.

    I pay $19.99 per month for unlimited DVD rentals, they ship them in the mail and takes about 3 days, no due dates, postage is applied, just watch and drop back in the mail. You can make a queue list and when a DVD is returned another is sent automatically. We always have 2-3 DVD's laying around and no more driving 8 miles to return a video. :)

    Heck, if you rent VHS videos often it would pay to buy a DVD player and rent here.


  2. The latest movies can be downloaded off usenet groups
    alt.binaries.movies and alt.binaries.movies.divX

    No cost, no shipping, no dvd player needed just a cable modem or dsl and tons of hard drive space.

    Start your adventure here~

  3. greenlawncare

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    Don't see where you download from. I had a quick look around, and all I could find is where you purchase DVD's, no usergroups.

    Say I wanted to see Anna and the King, download it for free. How would I do it?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Administrator

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    Not only are we off topic but were getting into Piracy.

    Ending this discussion.
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