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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I'm trying hard to expand my business. I started as a mower and expanded into apps. I'm guess this year I may be 70% mowing and 30% apps. I have about 45-50 app customers.

    I've heard a lot of you talk about working with mowing companies. I may approach a few and let them know I'd love to do their apps and maybe they can upsell. How do you handle the fact that i'm also a mower? I might can offer a mow/app package that would be cheaper for the customer than doing it seaparate.

    Figured I'd approach it as either I bill them or I bill the mowing company and they pass it on. If the mowing company ask maybe I say a 1 year non compete for the customer's mowing services? What yall think?
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    My business card (and logo) say nothing about my services. If I was going to do what you're describing (and your bus. cards DO list lawn maint.), I'd get another set made that highlighted JUST my chem. apps. IMO, this would take away a lot of the threat.

    One thing I've learned pretty quickly........a lot of the guys who are LCO's who say they aren't licensed to spray and apply fert. with herbicides....spray and apply ferts. with herbicides.

    This doesn't really bother me, honestly. I'm not exactly seeking LCO or fert/squirt accounts. If it's not a referral or someone I know, I'm not sure I'd take it on. I don't feel like I'm competing with these guys.

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    To me you should singe a never compete

    I do some spraying for LCO that is on here

    He only has a back pack

    And sorry i would never take his costumer

    I guess my scruples are different than others

    Why would any one give you a job when next year they know your going go afrter there job

    Charles Cue
  4. grassmasterswilson

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    I would never steal a customer. I've been referred by a few mowing companies and done a few subbed out apps. I would have to consider the type of property and what the lawn looks like if I would give them a mowing estimate. There are a lot of mowers and very few app guys here. But on the other hand there is that thought that if they ask for an estimate they may not be happy with the current mowing company.

    guess i'm between a rock and a hard place.
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Good thought OP - but I know there are a lot of crapweasels out there who would end up possibly taking some of your biz out from underneath you.

    One reason I like this biz - I don't have to interact AT ALL with competing LCO's in my area - just put my head down and do a good job, and hope the dingdong LCO's out there stay the heck away from my resi customers.

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