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    Was wondering what your methods of networking with others in the industry were. For instance do you offer referrals to another company for a service you do not offer ,in exchange for a referral fee. We've been contacting LCO's, pool and pond designers, to no avail as of yet. Thought this might be a good way of getting each other clients. Any thoughts
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    Hi NY Landscape Lighting,

    Something we see on here quite often is this. Find others who provide services you don't. Refer them jobs with no fee. They will potentially refer you jobs at no fee.
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    Only to and between personal friends (have 2 that own - 1 is trees, other does skid-steer loader work), I do lawncare.

    Thou from time to time I like to keep random flyers I find that specifically advertise leaves, I hand these out left and right for leaf-requests because I HATE leaves (thou I do them for my regulars without question)

    Hehehe :)

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