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    Are you the type to network with another LCO or other related service? believe me I have been burned trusting people, but I still think its possible. I've been stabbed in the back several times but to no real consequence but I have had some great networking experiences to offset them. Referals from people I helped get started to guys who heard about me and like my work. I helped a guy sell his business on the promise of a commission and got stiffed . Countless #s of chumps tried to steal my customers that I referred to for other services. I'm still here and they are gone. Honesty, and trustworthyness pay in the long run. What has been your experience.
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    Used to but no. Everytime we talk and others talk - come spring time there hitting my accounts, lowering price, bottom line, bare bones the price and then the places look like crap and go talk to manager man - he tells we get what we pay for. I do network with one large landscape company but work goes both ways. Mowen guys - nope! Learned that lesson a long time ago. Snow removal, some of us talk and check rates - if were at $100 / hour and your charging $65 - we all agree you need to go up, if your client calls, were charging $110 and your getting a deal for $95 type of thing.

    DTA - Don't trust anyone!
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    It's nothing like that around here for us. We help each other out, work on each others trucks, do accounts for each other if the need arises (I can give you some cool examples), and even hand work off to one another if someone in our friends network can make more money at it than another (logistics). I am very blessed to have the friends I have, and won't give the up for the world. As far as back-stabbers, well, there have been a few SHORT examples of those, but they got the switch turned off on themselves REAL quick! I have some funny stories on them, I love helping people out, and will continue to do so. It all works out in the end. We have a great bunch of LCO's around that help each other out. When called upon, I really have no choice but to help out, but it's sort of an honored obligation. The reason I say this, is that I know these guys have helped others (or myself) in the past. It is a good thing to have allies like this. It gives you power in some circumstances when you would be helpless.
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    No way no how, I keep to myself and mind my own.
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    i network with fellow lcos

    but the real secret is to get in tight and form professional partnerships with builders, contractors, tree workers, excavation companys...

    throw them some bones and you can be surprised how many you can get back

    on the snowplow end i partner with guys in case trucks go down, overflow ect... i have another solo lco who teams up with me and vice versa in cases of breakdown or overflows, big jobs

    its not so bad if your not a prick and they can be trusted
  6. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    I can talk to guys whose company is about the same as mine or bigger but all the new lowballers I don't waste time on. I've had them stop to say high while I'm loading up and before I could turn around at the end of the street they came back and knock on the dront door. It's pretty bad now, but what can you do.
  7. jeffex

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    for all the shi%$ birds I have run accross the good has out performed the bad. Just last season a guy who I hooked up with some of my older customers to do gardening work tried to stab me in the back. He would pull weeds and mulch as well as handy man jobs around the house for them. He made dam good money too. He approached me saying my customers were asking him to cut their lawns. The 2 he mentioned were like my own mother to me so I called them to see what I had done wrong. Turns out he had been working on them for years trying steal them. One lady said she would cut her own lawn before she would drop me. I told her I would do her gardening from now on. The old me would have got in this guys face and beat his a$$ . The new me simply called all my customers and UN-recomended his services due to shakey character.
    The good is when I get pressure washing jobs from lawn customers of my competetors because they know I'm a man of my word and will NOT try and undermine them and steal their lawn business. They can serve their customers by hooking them up with competant people for work they choose not to do. The bottom line is the success rate of businesses that have a code of ethics is far greater in the long run than the fly by night hit and run bottom feeders!
  8. Frue

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    I have built the whole business this way I have some really good friends this way. Life is to short to battle, low ball, and knock on doors of other lco. See if I go down I can call my friends and they got my back same in return. You make all kinds of enemys and you go down your done. No mercy I have witness it personally kid goes down, never got along with anyone never tried to network, he went down and in a matter of 2 days poof lost them all.

    If I get a call from one of my boys account I call and let them know and tell them. They tell me the account history and what they are charging. I then go bid more then that and if I get it I am making more. They do the same for me. We stick together pretty good here.
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    I don't network with other LCO'S, but do network with a fert guy who I have doing quite a few of my lawns and with a tree guy. It has been very rewarding and I have picked up additional accounts from their referrals. I don't see the need to network with others that are competing against me.
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    character is tested when none is looking so it is un wise to trust someone you have known only a short time,

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