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  1. landman

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    Just a brief note to remind everyone here about keeping good relationships with other companies. It happened to me yesterday while in the middle of excavating a built in pool for a pool co. Here it was Monday morning 9am, had 2 tandems rented to haul the dirt away, pool installer there, and the homeowner taking pictures with every bucket of dirt scooped into the truck. Then it happened at about 10:15 am my wife called to tell me she was in labor and we had to go to the hospital NOW! As fast as I could tell the the other guys there what was going on I jumped off the machine and called a buddy of mine to come and finish for me so I could go. He told me to get the hell outta there and he would be on the job in about 1/2 hr after I called. So as you see it is worthwhile to have good relationships with other companies. By the way we had a happy, healthy little girl yesterday afternoon.
  2. steelcity

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    :) :blob4: hey glad to hear that everything went ok with your new daughter. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I also wanted have a good working relationship with other LCO'S around me. these are also people that i can call when ever i need a hand. One company in the area i did subbing for snow this winter - all contracts. So yes never burn any bridges because you never know when you may need somebody
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    congrats on the girl!!

    your post is true, i had a very good friend who i swapped with when he/i went on vacation, we took care of each other. he was killed in a tree cutting accident 2 years ago.

    i have several guys locally that i talk to fairly often. since i was having surgery yesterday, one (you know who you are;)) local company offered to send a crew down and mow for me until i'm back and able, floored me, one of the nicest offers from a fellow lco i have ever had, shows how great some people can be!!
  4. Nebraska

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    There is more to life than Lawn Care, Landscaping, and business! Similar thing happened to us in the middle of a snow storm. Congratulations!! I have 4 children and they are simply amazing.
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    Congrats... any details on the lil bambino??
  6. landman

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    I'm back home again for the night. I'm gonna go to sleep and enjoy my last full night of sleep. Tommorow am back to the hospital to pick up the wife and my little girl. The stats are 18 1/4" , 6 lbs 2 ozs, happy, healthy, and what a set of lungs, and mom is fine also (guess I can't blame this one on the mailman, it must have been the landscaper!!) She looks just like me (scary thought). Well anyway thanks to all who have emailed. And if anybody has a set of prints of how to weld a chastitity belt please forward. Sorry for the dry humor been a long past couple of days
  7. stslawncare

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    congrats on the baby, someday he will be telling the same story :)
  8. TOSLC

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    Congrats on the new baby. I also wanted to mention that conferences are another great place to network. Not only can you get new idea's, but you can get a totally different perspective from another area.
  9. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Congrats, Landman!!!:) I gave a friend of mine about 25 lawns when my partners and I broke up. We trade new accounts all the time. If it's closer to his route I give them to him and vice versa. I have known him for many years now. We kind of had our own forum going on for years. We would have shop talk all the time. I can't do that with many people but him I trust.

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