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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Majestic, Mar 26, 2001.

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    Thats it.Over the past several years Ive bid on every utility company I can think of.These take alot of time,many times a whole day viewing with their engineer another half a day doing estimate and presentation,then waiting weeks for a meeting to open bids and awardment.To this date I have not been awarded one bid,probably because I refuse to work at a minimal profit just to say "Im mowing 18 sites in 3 different counties for so an so utility co." Who cares? From now on Im bidding high residentials and apartments who care about qualitynot price
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    There is a local larger outfit near me that does many PECO substations. The ones that I see are real rough and hilly and hard to get to. I wouldn't want them! Plus like you said, you need to go Chester, Mont, Bucks to get all of them. Crazy if you ask me. All my accounts are withen the 3 surrounding zip codes, with only one way out in the upper corner of Mont. co. 20min each way! It is about 6 acres, and I charge dearly for this. I add in 1 hr just for travel time, and get a good rate for the lawn. Just sucks when it starts raining up there and you have to come back the next day!

    Oh Well,

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    We quit bidding on this crap after the first year in business just to much go for no dough. The Large companies like you are speaking of do not care about quality or your profit to them it is a tax write off plus no insurance to pay from doing it in house (bet you have to be insured out the whaazoo though) And like was said most of the property is junk anyway.

    Start taking care of more residential properties and spend a lot less time on bids and wearing a suit, you would scare the hell out of most people if you came to their house in a suit so not having to wear one has got to be a plus.

    The way look at it is you do not want to lose any customers but it will happen through no fault of your own. Which one would you rather lose maybe $2500.00 per year or $20’000 per year the lesser being easer to replace and costing less to get and keep most of the time.

    Hope this helped a little?

    Mo,mo,mo, yo self quickly to de bank!

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