Never Fails, always when a busy busy day is planned

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Mar 13, 2013.

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    This is where they are going to be focusing. Easy money. I see them in Andover on 206 several times a month, and that's just when I happen to see it. Rt 15 in Jefferson has become another hot zone in the last few years. Make sure all your drivers have medical cards, triangles and your extinguishers are charged.
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    Yea we always do, luckily never needed any of it but its a cheap precaution to take. Noticed them really hovering around Jefferson now, and the usual Lafayette spots. I've heard the horror stories of the Bergen county guys and I'm really hoping that those guys dont make it up this way. Have heard some real nightmares coming out of there.

    Although I'm all for them patrolling for some of the overloaded idiots, or no tarps on dumptrucks carrying a more than full load of gravel. Some of these tandem and triaxle guys that have been in our area the past few years drive like nuts. Better yet is that they never touch the guy with his entire family in an extended cab 1500 towing a huge camper or boat trailer.
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    The officer that inspected me was pretty nice, he had no attitude, more or less just doing his job and making friendly small talk as he went along. And yes, he made mention of private vehicles pulling trailers, and he said that he will stop them to check the trailer's safety equipment and that he can put them out of service just like a commercial vehicle.

    And another thing - they like the small trucks because its so easy for us to be overweight. It doesnt take much. Heck, we finished a job yesterday and I know i was overweight leaving out of there. We got a weekend of racing planned - I wasn't coming back!
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