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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Nov 21, 2007.

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    This little occurance has reminded me that you should treat all customers honestly. Not a rant by any means. Back on Wednesday Oct 24th I called a company that manufactures aftermarket parts for engines (at this time I am not saying what company and they are not a sponsor here). I called and asked if the part was available. A secretary took my number and forwarded my question to a sales rep. The sales rep called me and left a message on my machine saying Yes it was in stock. I called back and placed my order. It was put on my credit card (small change at 80.00) and she said it would be shipped that day. Cool.
    On Friday Nov 2 I called as I had not received it yet. I was told that it would be shipped that afternoon. OK and I didn't ask any more about the delay just figuring that it may be busy there.
    On Friday November 9th still no part so I called again to ask what may be wrong. I was told that a part needed to be machined for the order and that had to be done but they would ship it out that afternoon.
    Finally on Monday Nov. 19th I called and asked for a sales manager and got a guy who said he could help me. I told him my story and asked if it had been shipped yet. He said that it should have not taken this long to ship even if machining had to be done. No other explanation. I told him that if it had not been shipped then I wanted to cancel the order. He put me on hold and after a minute a lady came on and asked if she could help me. HUH? I asked if my order had been shipped yet and she said no. I told her my name and said to cancel. She said OK. No apologies, no explanations.

    I am sure that I am very small change to this company. They could care less about the little guy. I am sure that they do much more business with large manufacturers and it may have been an imposition for them to do what they had to do to get me a part. The main problem I had is that it doesn't seem that anyone there knows what is going on. I really don't like being lied to. I called and asked if the part was available and was told yes. Thats all I wanted to know. If they said no I would have asked how long and probably placed the order anyway. Very simple.

    That company can pound sand as far as I am concerned. Sure I can write a letter to the company but I feel it would probably be filed and I would be sent a so sorry letter. I don't care about that. I am not looking for anything from them. The valuable thing I learned is that no matter what you do ALWAYS BE HONEST to your customer. I wouldn't take their part now as a freebie. This company has some obvious issues with customer service that they don't really care about. If I ran my business like that I would be working for someone frying burgers real quick. Every customer has a voice and that voice tells many other ears. Good service gets good lip service, i.e. referrals and more work. Every job adds a little more to your pocket. So remember, it may only be a 50 dollar job but add up all those little jobs and you start to get into some cash. Not to mention all the spin off referrals you get because you care about what EVERY customer thinks.
    I am sure there will be some with other opinions but have at it.

    What do you think?
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    No, this is lately one of my big pet peeves with larger companies, there is absolutely NO communication!
    What you say to the phone rep never gets passed on to the mfg dep't, back and forth and vice versa it's like you have to drive there to get things fixed and even then there's no guarantees, hopefully you run into all the folks who actually want to work and help you and then still it's a wonder anything gets done at all.

    The larger the co the worse it gets, don't even mess with the likes of Microsoft, Comcast, At&t to name a few. Took a month here to get an Internet connection problem resolved, turned out to be the modem but that's not the bit that bugs me... What bugged me is calling a phone rep thousands of miles away, then the local technician who shows up has to go through the entire process we already went through on the phone because NOTHING ever passes through from butt to head here, then whatever the tech finds out (if anything) never makes it to account information so then if the problem persists and I have to make another call we get to start ALL over, man that load of crap frustrates the hell outta me.

    That was, speaking from experience, actually a fast resolution, I've had problems like this linger on for 4-6 months and longer before.
    Once I spent literally 100 or so hours on the phone, in sessions lasting 4-6 and 8 hours at a time, believe that!
    You have no idea lol, I was fixing to go postal, not so much in actuality but within that ordeal I SAW the logic, I swear it is that bad.
    I would've gone elsewhere but with cable and phone and electric you have no choice, at least in your case you still do.
    The biggest co's we HAVE to deal with, Microsoft's only exception is Linux, most of the rest we have no real choice.
    They say you do but it's just the same load of crap with a different name.

    Sorry to hear it, but I'm glad not the only one noticing.

    Other notes: by the way linux is a load of crap too, but at least I don't gotta pay for it :laugh:
  3. Tharrell

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    Let the rest of us know who it is so we can avoid the same mistake.
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    Speaking of Companys not caring .... I use Nortons as my security software on my computer. When I did my last update download ... something went wrong and know I have to turn off Nortons to go online. Stupid. I tried to contact Nortons and they want like $10 to help customers who bought there product. My contract expires in Jan. 08 ... I am not paying the $10 and they have lost my business!
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    do you still need help with this ?
  6. RonB

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    That's a real no-no. Your card is not supposed to be charged until shipped, not when the order is placed. Did you get credited?
  7. MOW ED

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    Ron I guess I gave the wrong impression. They never followed thru with the charge so I guess they will just rip the slip up. I will keep a good eye on the bill to make sure nothing funny happens because this companys right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.
  8. shane mapes

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    i had the same kind of b.s. with the local insurance company's when i was looking for bus. insurance its like they now your small so no big deal...
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    sounds like they call darrell
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    I was trying to buy some stuff from a plastic company for another company i am trying to get off the ground. They wouldnt do any order less than tractor trailer loads. They said straight out, we dont deal with the small guy, my reply was ok ill remember that keep in mind Bill Gates the richest man in the world once was "The small guy"

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