New 12 zone irrigation controller recommendations

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Earthlinklandscaping, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Exactly what Boots said. Just don't make the mistake of sticking a big old fuse in it to fix the problem. Back when I had the controller repair company we had some moron stick a 25 amp automotive fuse in an Irritrol DoubleDial 12. A dead short in the field caused one of the output triacs to literally catch fire and burn about a 1" hole right through the board. The guy who sent it in couldn't be bothered to check the field wiring first. He insisted that the controller was bad and that's why the fuses kept blowing. He was sad when he had to replace his customers controller due to his own stupidity and a simple wiring issue out in the field.
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    the OP, "thinks" the problem is the controller, lol.......good one.

    on a non sarcastic note, trust what these guys are telling you...........
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    Some numbskull put a huge amp fuse in what was supposed to be 1.5 or so

    Caught the toro vision II controller on fire.. Almost burnt a local bank here in Wilson down! Smoke poring out of the mechanical room. Still has black marks
    on thew wall where the old clock was hung....

    Needless to say, The upper VP's were there and got me in with all the branches in a 30 or so mile radius for service! That was about 10 yrs ago!
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    home depot or lowes? only home owners go there... John deere landscapes for me. with a new hunter controller:) i found the issue. all the people that said it was the wiring to the valves was right. when i blew the system out i must have tangled some of the wires somehow becuase 2 were touching causing the short
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    You must not be very good at detecting sarcasm yet......
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    It takes way more than 15 years to learn that art.......
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    LOL... and even longer to learn how to dish it out! :)
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    How do you blow the system out? I ask because you aren't old enough to drive a truck to pull a compressor.
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    I bet he used his bike pump and a quick connect...

    must of taken a while.
    he grabbed his dads 3 gallon air compressor and really got it done!!!!

    Anyhow if you are going to be above the rest get a multimeter and play around a bit.. use the ohm setting and ohm out your valves 20-60 ohms are positive results....Don't be a guy with a shovel fixing heads..

    Be a tech.
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    i think we have all learned something here today......

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