New 2009 Toro 52" Grandstand for $6000?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dabtro96, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Dabtro96

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    Yep. You are right. The deck is only difference. Seems like a nice machine. It will mow circles around the 12 year old 44" Toro W/B it will be replacing! I'm pretty excited.
  2. DaytonBioLawns

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    Exmark was independently owned and operated and sold in the 90's (96? I think...idk...) to toro.

    The arrangement was mostly to keep up with production and to give toro another piece of the market to sell to. Most of the Toro and Exmark stuff is the same when you look at the different components. Same wheel pumps, engines, bearings, seals, pretty much the same. Painted different colors with different options and different decks (on some years).

    Exmark is known for their commercial cut quality and stripe. It was marketed more toward us commercial contractors and the toro was marketed as the "golf course quality" just like every other toro ever produced.

    Ask yourself this....
    Do I want dark red or bright red?

    Got the answer? There ya go. You made your choice between exmark and toro on most models.

    I personally am a big Exmark fan. Metro 36" w/kohler was my first commercial and she is still kicking. I would still wait on getting a stander from exmark, toro, or even scag. I would stick with wright stander for the stander mowers for now. Deere also has a reputable and tested stander..... I chose Wright for my new fleet of mowers.
  3. DaytonBioLawns

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    Oh and if it had problems to fix I would worry about it.....

    Spend the $400 and get the Exmark if that is the only thing holding you back. You can't really compare "last year's" models to this year or next years model mower. They simply aren't the same.

    There was a set of EPA standards that every manufacturer had to meet on the new mowers. My dealer was not concerned with it and neither has any other major LCO in my area making big mower purchases (that I've talked to). IDK about the diesel mowers and tractors though....if it is anything like the diesel light duty trucks I'd be wary.

    All handhelds also suffered this change. It was not too bad....all handhelds and mowers need maintenance and if you have a good program previous to the EPA switch, there will be no large change for you. I'd expect worse fuel economy but it would be a tinnnnyyyy change.
  4. Lawnut101

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    I am a big fan of the Vantage. But putting $400 back in your pocket is pretty nice. But when it comes time to sell the mower in 5 years, the 09 will be 2 years older, so you will probably loose that $400 anyways. Tough decision, but both are nice machines.
  5. orlawncaresvc

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    Man, you guys are getting those nice mowers at some very low prices in your area. A vantage and grandstand for 6 gs. I feel like we overpaid for our exmark phazer 3 years ago. It ran us $5,900.
  6. Southern Pride

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    Toro Grandstand is one of those mowers I too have hear alot of very mixed things on. So many differences between this year did that and last year did this. I too, am a huge eXmark guy. Run my 25 yards with my single 36" metro belt w/ kawasaki. Love that mower but here soon I want to get a 48"+ stander or ztr lazer. If it were me I would spend the extra 4 on the eXmark.
  7. brucec

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    I called toro and talked to 3 different people and the knew nothing about the non-profit discount program.
  8. Lawnut101

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    I am pretty sure dealers are the one that know about it. My Exmark dealer brought to attention a similar program.
  9. Keepin' It Green

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    I have attached a .pdf that shows the guidelines of the contract in order to get 28% off. My dealer said that it is non monitored and usually have no problems receiving it if you are buying one mower. If you try to buy two mowers on one non-profit there is a good chance that you may be denied. So, it's pretty much one more for one non profit. Or if the non profit property is very large they are willing to provide the discount for more equipment. Hope this helps. I know Scag offers this same program but it is only 20% off instead of 28%.

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  10. brucec

    brucec LawnSite Senior Member
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    Great info keepin' it green. I called my dealer and he confirmed what your pdf says. It will only work on the 2011 model machines though not the discounted 2009's

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