New 2021 going rate per hour


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What does the new average labor rate per hour this season seem to be and still be competitive? Has been $60/hour for a few years around the Midwest is my take. With inflation happening fast. Does $75/hour still seem competitive? Appreciate any input.


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This is an age old question. There is no one perfect answer. It depends on the productivity of your equipment and the degree of difficulty of the properties you are servicing.


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Thanks Y&F and Hotdog. There's more to this question. But your input helps back my gut feeling. As one of my most PIA customers for approx 5 years. Talked me into mowing an additional new property that needed cut at least 2-3 other times before he took advantage of my good nature again. Basically, I did a month worth of mowing and trimming in one visit. It is a very difficult property. About 3 football fields long. With hills on two of three areas. One of the 3 areas requires trimming the whole length. As a zero turn rider or walk behind will not suffice, do to the angle of the hill. He has now complained that it doesn't now look like a 'golf course' after giving it to me to tackle looking like a field! Plus, I had to pick trash, etc. out of it as I went. It took me over two hours. This was the 'one time visit in April he stated. Worked out to $75/hour. And that's using my zero turn rider. He bitched. So I told him to find someone else. He continues to stalk me, but refused to answer his home door, or phone when I went to get May's payment to continue his home and the new property. So I left and he has continued to try to contact me after I told him to find somebody else. He and his college age kids were home when I went to get payment to continue in May. No answers. I blocked him now from stalking my phone. He is NOT worth my time any longer! Any input on the rest of the s

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