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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i'm in the market for a new 21" mower. i have a toro that cuts nice, but needs constant repairs, and it's fairly new. i'm looking at the 21" lawnboy at home depot. 6.5 hp engine, for $330. i'm not gonna spend alot on a 21", because it's only to be used on maybe 6 small cuts a week. any advice?
  2. locutus

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    Yes, If it is a silverpro, you should be able to get it for $270.00. That mower will not be stocked any longer.
  3. jtkplc

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    I have experience with Honda and Lawnboy and would recommend both of them. My parents have owned LawnBoys for as long as I can remember and have never had any problems. Just usual maintenance. I use a Honda for my business and was told when I was still making a decision on what brand that Honda has the most thought out products available and I would have to agree with that.
  4. Psych-O

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    I've been using the L/B 21" and have not had any probles with it so far. It cuts well and starts right up after I prime it. Light and easy to manuver too. Just my opinion, I like it for a trim mower. Just wish it was a different color, like red and black like my Gravely ztr. :cool:
  5. jpp

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    Hey Bobby,

    This mower you are looking at are the wheels offset? I was thinking of going with lawnboy as well. The off set wheels would pose a problem in the tighter spaces. My Dad used them all the time and swore by them. Like you I would only be using a 4 or 5 properties.


    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have two that I use on some very steep hills. They hold the hill great and no oil problems. My 21" proline wants to flip over on the same hill.
    BUT, I hate the wheel set up. Push forward on the handle too much and the thing wants to dig into the ground. Also hard to turn sideways on the trailer if you try to lift up the rear wheels and turn it. I have no idea why they put the wheels like that. Other than that they work well for $300.00 mowers.
  7. rodfather

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    Bobby, we have a couple of self-propelled Ariens that seem to hold up well...and we've had them a long time too.
  8. K&L Landscaping

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    I know it's alot more than $300 but take a serious look at the new Honda commercial 21" (I think it's HRC216 or something like that). I have never been impressed with a 21" mower until this one. They run about $1100.00 ouch.
  9. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    Model 10654 on the web site is ranked #1, by who and how they got to that conclusion i don't know :waving:
  10. Mark McC

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    Which model Ariens?

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