NEW 25 HP Kawasaki Engine??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Feb 15, 2001.

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    Check out inside back cover of February's TURF magazine. There is an advertisement for GREAT DANE and at the bottom it lists the Chariot lineup and has a blurb with "NEW 25HP Kawasaki Engine". I didn't know that Kawasaki came out with a 25 hp? I guess it would be a vertical shaft as that is what the Chariots use....right? Everyone knows that the 23 Kawi's are stronger than the 25 Kohlers, so, what will this beast be like? Anyone know any more info on them? The Kawi website still didn't list the new 23 & 27hp LC's yet and they have been out close to a year. Tough getting info from them....great engines....slow reacting website.

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    i seen that i had thought well its about time they do something to improve improve there chariot. after thinking about it it has to be a blurb .i dont think kawi would make
    a 25 it would make them look bad when people get them two
    mixed up .sort of like the jd buying choppers post.
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    I havent heard about the new kawi but i have heard about the new honda 23 or 22 and from what i hear its a quiet motor. I know that dixie chopper is putting them on their new dixies and they were waiting for a shipment of a thousand to 1500 of them to put them on the new dixies. The guy i spoke to was the head guy and he mentioned that they were having a hard time getting them in and that was about 3 months ago aprroximatly. I thik that honda has finally entered into the market along with kawi and watch out kohler. Exspecially the 25HPs.

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    Noticed the one Scamper had discharge chute on left. New design or reverse negative?

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