New 36"? Or new 48"? What would you decide?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eZ1, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. eZ1

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    I am starting a small landscape business this year and have been looking into some equipment. I have a ride on mower and would like to have two walk behinds, a 48" and a 36". My only problem is which one do I spend more money on. I need one of them to be a turn key reliable mower and cant decide if I want that to be a 36 or 48. Which one do you think is more crutial?
  2. 32vld

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    What is the size of your rider?
  3. makktruck

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  4. Lbilawncare

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    This all depends on the size of properties you will be servicing, and if they require a 36" to fit through gates. I personally think you should look into something bigger, not smaller (or the same size)
  5. hi_speedreed

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    Most every answer you get on here will be 48. It seems as though most on here are of the "if it's bigger it is better mentality". You will even get people telling you not to get under a 52 or 60 because anything under those sizes are worthless. You will have people to tell you to forgo the walk and get a stand on. Stand on mowers are great but are more expensive than walk behinds. A walk behind can also have a sulky attached and even a 36 will pull around a good bit of weight.

    We don't have enough info to answer your question as it stands. If the majority of lots you will service are fenced with gates keep in mind a 48 will not fit through many, if any, walk gates. A 36 will fit through the majority of walk gates except for the few that are 30 and under. Those extra small gates are few and far between in my area.

    Keep the concept of time in your mind. Many don't want to talk about facts when you talk about mower sizes. If you take an acre of grass with no obstacles the 36 will cut it in 30min while the 48 will do it in 22. The time discrepancy gets larger as you mow larger areas and it gets smaller when you mow smaller areas. On a quarter acre lot the time difference would be approximately 2 minutes on mow time between the 36 and 48. If you get a 48 then any gated area you mow will have to be done with a 21. Any time you make up with the 48 is more than lost every time you take the 21 off the truck because the 21 does an acre every 105 minutes. If you were to do 10 accounts with the 48 as compared to the 36 you would be 20 minutes ahead but bring 1 lot where you have to use the 21 and the 20 minute cushion vanishes.

    If you have no fenced areas and do not plan on taking any customers with fenced areas then the 48, or even bigger, is the choice. If on the other hand properties in your area are fenced then you should really consider the 36.
  6. pseudosun

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    It depends on how many gates really. If only a couple, get the 48; i want one:)
  7. SSantor

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    I've had 48's and 36's. It depends on what size properties your cutting. Large wide open I would go with the 48's. Smaller properties with alot of beds, gates, small sides, I've found the 36 to be more efficient. I timed properties and on alot of mine the 36 was faster, because I didn't have to go back to the truck and get the 21, I could use the 36 on everything. It really depends on your situation. If you had more small lawns I would go with the 36. If you had more larger wide open go with the 48. Just my opinion.
  8. smitty's lawncare

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    get a 52 and 36. id go with hydro on the 52 and get a cheaper 36 (probably belt drive). the same blades go on each machine. Get a velky for your 52 and youll be good to go.
  9. Jimslawncareservice

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    I'd buy a new 48" then get a used 32" or 36" for gated yards or tough spots.
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  10. Valk

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    Go and physically measure your gates. You may find a 32 (as opposed to a 36) will keep your 21 at home.

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