New 48-50in. walk behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Moretta Lawn Care, Apr 16, 2006.

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    I know they stopped production of the super wb and that most dealers don't know anything about them. MOst dealer wouldn't know a good machine if it ran over them. NOthing even comes close to the H-bar for ease and control. They are priced like a Z because they are built like a s and to the same standards. There are plenty of Super WB out there yet get your dealers distributer to get you one. Yes they'er are as expensive as a Z but With the right sulky they will do anything a similar size Z will Do and Much More. I mowed a ditch slope this last weekend that I saw someone roll a JD lawn tractor down a couple years ago. I helped lift the tractor off of him. But the super WB goes right across it. Slopes under trees under around anything and on open ground with a sulky it will stay right with a Z. It's too BAd hustler wasn't able to show there dealers the advantages of the super and sell enough units to keep in production. I'll pay extra for the H-bar over anything else (even the t-bar) any day. If your are going to have ONE! main mower nothing can beat a super WBwith a sulky.
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    I have had nothing but good luck with the exmark brand but i hear scag makes a good machine, price shows it... If your not going to be making a lot of turns, sulkys can save major time. Go for the gear driven, hydros are more expensive, bulky, need more maintenance, and rob horsepower. i just dont see the need.
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    Topsites, I don't mean to be rude at all but just to let you know my town, muliti-million dollar properties owned by celeb, golf pro, doctors, CEO and all new money people have at least 2 acres to cut each property, some are lakefront with mile and mile long and is impossible to use 48 belt walk/velke and take care those high dollar properties. A minimum of 52" Z up till 60 " and 72" Z is the front line. Competition is fierce and all of them want their properites look million million dollar estate homes, so no one in my town will last longer than 3 months using what you are suggesting. Toro dealer that caters exclusively to these expensive properties don't even carry anything belt mower, it all starts from a Z with turbo force deck. Each city has different trend and need.

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    Hustler has the new Trimstar line in WB hydros. I got one a couple of weeks ago...a 48" 17hp Kaw for $4400 + tax. The H-har is great! Very easy to operate, especially after driving a Scag belt-drive for the last 6 yrs!

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