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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shooter32, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Shooter32

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    Hello all i am new to your site and have a few questions . I have used the search option and all the info i am looking for is 3 to 4 years old and i am wanting updated info please . I am buying a new house with three acres to mow and looking at new mowers , i run a Grasshopper at my home in TN and i want something a little better . I am looking at the Scag with a 52" deck and 27hp Kohler .. Dixie Chopper 50" deck with the 27hp Genarac and the Exmark Lazer Z with the 52" deck and not sure about the powerplant .... I would like to know what will be my best option? I know these mowers may be a little overkill for 3 acres but i like good equipment that lasts for a long time and does a good fast job of my mowing chores ... :waving: as i said i have run a Grasshopper for 6 years and it has been a good unit i just dont feel it is as good of a mower as the three i am looking at , and it doesnt really have a real good power to deck ratio , not ditching them just think for the price there are better options .... Sorry for rambling on !!! :hammerhead:
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    You are looking at a few pretty good mowers. The main thing you need to take into consideration is what dealer is going to give you the best service and support. It really doesn't make sense to buy from a dealer who is 100 miles away, but also doesn't make sense to buy from a dealer 2 miles away who doesn't give you the time of day.

    I would put the Scag and Exmark at the top of your list. I'm not a dixie chopper fan after having a very poor experience with a dixie dealer and a few performance issues (couldn't get it to work with a bagger well) with my dixie I had in '09.

    Some people really like the kohler engines and others really like the Kawasaki engines, its pretty much the Chevy vs. Ford thing. Since you are looking at 52" decks, you will want at least 22hp. If you plan on doing hills, mowing thick/tall grass, bagging or mulching, you will want to get a little more HP. 25HP would be a good size to be able to do everything from regular mowing and just discharging the clippings to mowing heavy grass with a mulch kit.

    Scag or Exmark would be my choices out of the three. Scag is probably built (structure wise) a little stronger, but the exmark and scag are pretty much equal.
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    Thanks mowerbrad for your input .... I know what you are saying about having a good dealer and the Scag dealer from that area is the only one i have talked to so far and he really impressed me . I really like the Scag but have read diff coments about the Exmark being better and wanted to get diff views from guys that know the mowers first hand :clapping: The Dixie Chopper is real big in this area as we are close to where they are made and alot of guys from work talk highly of them , but i need more input before i jump on a bandwagon .
  4. Shooter32

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    I thought i would get more opinions by now ... Come on guys tell what you think is the best mower ..... :dancing:
  5. clean_cut

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    The best mower? That's like asking "which is better, Chevy, Toyota, or Ford"... you can't really answer it.

    What I can tell you tough is, any of the big brands (scag, exmark, toro, ferris, etc.) will put out some good mowers. As brad said, look for a good dealer in your area. What's gonna happen if you have something break and have to drive 2 hours to get it fixed?

    Also, I might look at which mower offers the features you want, do you want a suspension seat (various brands)? How about a deck that converts to mulching in a few seconds (john deere)? Do you want a mower with a really good deck (scag veloicy or john deere 7 iron)? Maybe you want a specific brand of engine, or maybe you just like a certain color...

    What I'm trying to say is, all of the main brands a built pretty well, but some have features that may be more important to you than other features. Also, if you're really only cutting a few acres a week, I might look for a used mower on Craigslist, you could probably get a good deal if you search around. I hope I could help :)

    By the way, I own two scags, a 52" walk behind with an advantage deck and a 48" tiger cub with a velocity deck. I like them both pretty well but I always wish they'd give a better cut in tall, thick grass, but then again, the velocity deck is one of the best out there....

    I hope I could help :)
  6. willowick

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    Well, this site gave me lots of valuable info so I thought I'd give back a little and joined to give my $.02 for you.
    I looked at Scag, Grasshopper, Kubota, Hustler, Dixie and Exmark.

    My thoughts are that Scag and Hustler are built like brick S-houses. Kubota is, well a Kubota. They are impressive machines and my former workhorse is a Kubota diesel (for sale!). They are plug and play reliable. I don't think I could kill it without some serious abuse. Routine maintenance is all they ask for.

    I'm not sure what I think of Grasshopper. They are nice, not sure how they'd be for me as I have lots of obstacles/tight spots on my farm. I really want to like them and think they are likely great machines.

    My neighbor has a Dixie Chopper. I think they are like Harleys. If you like loud bling then they are great. I'm not sure they measure to some of the others though and are certainly top heavy. If you have side slopes, I'd steer away from them.

    I ended up with an Exmark Lazer Z powered by a Kohler 27hp motor. The cut quality is out of control and it makes my lawn look manicured, not cut (does that make sense?) I can't tell you how impressed I am with this machine. I am amazed at the time it has shaved off my yard chores - I do in 1.5 hours what used to take 4+ hours on the G1800 and the results are orders of magnitude better.

    I will say the G1800 is a garden tractor and a bit of a compromise as such, so it's probably not fair to compare it with a single purpose mowing machine.

    Finally, now that I'm kinda tuned into this whole mowing machine thing, I will say I was very impressed with the job a Deere was doing at the VFW when I drove by in a downpour yesterday.
  7. CustomCreations

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    Shooter, I have an all Exmark setup. I usually run all my larger equipment 60" and up on my accounts. I also have a 52" I purchased as a backup with the 20 Kawasaki and it is an EXCELLENT mower and have no bogging issues at all. Things people need to keep in mind is the bigger the engine the more gas your putting into it. I have a property in Knoxville TN and it is all hills and never has a single issue mowing it with my 52" with the 20 Kawasaki.
  8. Aaronnc

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    I recommend.................................................

    Exmark LZX27KC526

    Scag STT52V-27CH

    Kubota ZG227-54

    John Deere 925A

    Gravely Pro-Master 252M (#992212)

    Hustler X-One 54"

    Wright Mid-Mount Z 52"

    Toro Z500 52"

    Grasshopper 329B 52"

    Dixie Chopper Classic 2750

    BadBoy 5200 Lightning Z

    Cub Cadet M54-KH

    Bobcat Pro-Cat 942506G

    Snapper Pro S150x

    Ferris IS 2000Z 52"

    Husqvarna PZ5426FX

    Dixon DX254

    Not to mention Yazoo/Kees, Simplicity, Ariens, HD Beast, Craftsman, etc.......

    But the "best" is gonna come down to the dealer. A crappy dealer makes a great brand suck, and a great dealer makes a crappy brand much better.
    Have a couple of cold ones and throw a dart at any of them up there. They're all overkill for your application. And if all you want to do is one up the guys down at the moose lodge, just get anything with a diesel. :cool2:
  9. fier23

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    I have a 60" Toro G3, Grasshopper 227/61, and a BadBoy Lightning Z 60" 32hp Vanguard. I have 4 acres with the same mindset as you. The faster the better. However out of the 3 the BadBoy is my favorite. Not the cheapest but my favorite. It will mow down a building and not bog.
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  10. willowick

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    +1. My 4+ acreage doesn't stand up to any of those machines. My other neighbor has a Cub ztr and loves it. These companies really have this stuff down. The dealer is probably the big difference. The tech these days is truly amazing. The Exmark I got is honestly overkill.

    If you're in NE IL, Wasco has a dealer I'd recommend.
    Their floor is busy. Their repair shop....notsomuch.

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