New, 9HP Cyclone Rake XL Lawn Vacuum Announced by Woodland Power Products.

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    New, 9HP Cyclone Rake XL Lawn Vacuum Announced by Woodland Power Products. All Leaf and Lawn Vacuum Models Upgraded to Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ engines.

    Woodland Power Products of West Haven, CT introduces its new 9 HP Cyclone Rake XL model and upgrades all its leaf and lawn vacuums to Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ engines.

    The new 9HP Cyclone Rake XL lawn vacuum has a completely new vacuum system that produces 70% more vacuum power than any product the company has offered previously. The product is aimed at customers who have large homes with heavy leaf cover in the fall, and large lawns or fields to mow in summer. It is also marketed as the preferred choice for professional use, such as contractors, schools, parks, churches, condos and institutions.

    According to James Whitney, Ph.D., President of Woodland Power Products, “We didn’t just install a larger engine on an existing machine. We designed an entirely new lawn vacuum system, including impeller, turbine housing and associated components.” Whitney adds, “Extensive tests in our air flow laboratory show the XL produces 70% more vacuum power than our previous products, and substantially exceeds any other unit we’ve tested”.

    As of September 1, 2007 the company has also upgraded the engines used in all its leaf and lawn vacuum products to Briggs & Stratton’s top of the line Vanguard™ series. These replace the former Intek™ series from Briggs & Stratton. “Our product philosophy is to build up to a standard, not down to a price”, said Whitney. “These are true commercial power engines, built with heft and quality that you just don’t find in lower grades.”

    The Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum hitches to almost any riding mower and turns it into a powerful year-round outdoor cleanup machine. The Cyclone Rake clears leaves, acorns, pinecones, twigs, pine needles, pine straw and other outdoor debris. It multiplies the mower’s lifting power by ten times or more and greatly increases hauling capacity. It lifts material like leaves and sticks from the ground and reduces debris volume significantly as it passes through the Cyclone Rake’s patented vacuum-mulcher unit.

    Woodland Power Products offers a free video and information kit on the Cyclone Rake. Request a copy by calling toll-free (800) 896-4588. Or visit the company’s web site at
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    WOW that baby should pull the turf out of the ground....the one I have is 2-3 years old with a 7hp engine and it is great and vacuums like crazy....for leaf removal its the best method Ive found yet


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