New Account Blues

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MnGreen, Jul 6, 2008.

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    Landed (2) decent accounts last week which is about three weeks in to my start up phase.

    1. Nice retirement home (3 acres) easy mowing, minimul trimming.
    Three blocks from my house, everything was perfect. ($120) weekly.
    Met with the property manager and saw no red flags of any sort.

    Turns out he has a "maintanence" guy on site responsible for his lawn care needs. Calls me today and says I expect my guy to give the results you promised as it's his job. Thanks for bringing to my attention his inadequate work. :dizzy: What ??? you work there daily and it took my company info and proposal to look at the property ???
    Led me on like a lost "puppy" and left a sour taste in my mouth.

    2. Storage facility next door to the retirement home has (2 acres) all boulevard mowing and minimul trimming as well. ($80) weekly
    I thought these two properties were being done by the same service (terrible work, no shows, employee troubles) which is why I contacted them both.
    This guy leaves me a message he's given the other guy his last chance. :confused:

    Saw the Maint guy today out on a very old Murry 30" deck just trashing the thing, and the service next door doing a stellar job and a day early !!

    NOT A GOOD START.... Hope this is not typical behavior or future experiences to be repeated.
    I have a "residential" a guy approached me on. Very troubled property with hills, banks, etc. Felt sorry for him as he's handicapped and took it on in good gesture. $32 is all he can afford so the newbie (me) felt obligated to say yes as his previous servicer was no showing and doing terrible work.

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    It's a good rule of thumb with commercial properties....the current state of the property is a reflection upon their budget. If the place looks like crap, it's often because they just don't have the money to pay for better service.

    I was the same way starting out....I'd see a lawn that 'needed' help, only to discover the owners had no money to afford service.

    Well don't let it get you down. Just move on to the next estimate.

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