New addon service? Lawn Fluffing??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundKprs, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. GroundKprs

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    Honest, right out of Sat paper. "Ask a Builder" responds to a reader's question about some grass being flat and gray and the rest being green and fluffy:

    "Our grass guru told us that the fluffy grass is green because it's fluffy. So fluff up the gray grass with a rake and watch it change colors."

  2. kutnkru

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    Can we bill for that according to one half the Power raking rate seeing as how we would not be removeing the dead matted grass, just fluffing the old???? TDF

    Im going to have to change our contracts to read as follows:
    A beautiful lawn is the result of thorough knowledge of turfgrass requirements and using the best "fluffing" techniques at exactly the right time. Differences in the effectiveness of fluffing exist, and the products vary widely in cost.

    Because our personnel are on your property every week we are able to determine if a fluffing should be postponed or canceled based on weather and or turf conditions. We offer a special program for those lawns with irrigation to avoid foaming from the gel.


  3. Lanelle

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    Does this qualify for the April Fools discount?
  4. greens1

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    That's what happens when you "ask a builder", instead of asking a landscaper.
    Jim L
  5. skyphoto

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    My wife always referred to herself as looking fluffy after having our kids and she needed to loose some of her fluffyness.....hehehhehehhehe So according to my wife, making something fluffy is not always a good thing!!!!

  6. joshua

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    until you guys try it, don't make fun of it. this matbe what some of us have been looking for to put our lawns a notch higher than our competetion. lolololololol
  7. GroundKprs

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    My comment was rather flippant, in regards this flip advice in the paper. In retrospect, I had read it as "raking would turn the lawn green." In fact it may help, but not right away.

    This winter in our area, the ground became snow-covered early in December, before the ground had frozen. And the snow cover lasted two months, so there was a lot of snow mold damage.

    Maybe the author of the advice column was trying to say that to help the lawn recover from a snow mold attack, it is beneficial to vigorously rake the matted, blond or brown grass blades, in order to allow air into the soil and not smother new leaves trying to grow up from surviving roots and crowns. Since I suppose this was the intent of the "grass guru," I must withdraw my criticism.

    I do know that the column did help my friend Mike, who is of an alternative sexual persuasion. He was undecided that morning whether to start spring cleaning inside or outside. As he read the paper and saw the article, it struck him as, in his own words, "Lawn fluffing, what a perfectly gay thing to do!" ROTLLMAO (on the lawn, that is). So the article helped Mike to get his whole yard done that day.

    2001 scores: Jim 0, media 1, Mike (way ahead)

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